10 Most Common Web Design Mistakes

There are many factors to keep in mind when designing a website. First of first, designs must be functional yet aesthetically pleasing. No website can appeal to everyone, but some common web design mistakes turn visitors away from websites. Below you will find 10 most common ones. If you are planning to build your own website, this list is for you.
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10 – Confusing Navigation

Navigation is the only way people can go around your website. Having confusing navigation will result in visitors getting frustrated usually leaving your website without spending too much time.

09 – Using Flash

It is 2013 now and flash doesn’t work anymore. Especially with slow computers and apple devices. Also flash websites aren’t that much seo friendly. Better use javascript and stay away from flash content.

08 – Auto Playing Sounds and Videos

There is nothing more annoying then visiting a website with autoplaying sounds. Your visitors may be at work, in a library or somewhere else where loud audio will result in navigating away from your website as quickly as possible!

07 – Large and Uncompressed Image Files

You should reduce the size of your image before uploading them to your website. Novadays, jpeg file format is the most popular and user friendly image format for webmasters. You can prefer PNG over jpeg for transparent background logos too.

06 – Annoying Pop Up Windows

Do you like when someone interrupts you by shoving a piece of paper in your face? Well, your website visitors won’t like it, either, when you pop up something over what they’re trying to read or watch. Of course, we are using one too, but it is just facebook page and only shows once a day.

Web Design Mistakes Google Web Design
Google Web Design

05 – Too Many Advertisements

Banner advertisements have the huge power of making you lose potential customers and visitors. If ads are your main monetization strategy, leave them on your blog, but if you are selling a product or a service, you should delete them!

04 – Low or high contrast

White text on a black background may look nice from a design perspective, but it will hurt your visitors eyes. Don’t make reading your content more difficult than it has to be. Do your visitors a favor and make the text on your site easily readable.

03 – Not Using a Search Box

The web is like an archive of information. Whether it’s a corporate website, webzine or a personal blog, a search box is essential. The visitor might be looking for something that is hidden within the website. With the help of a search box, visitors may get what they want.

02 – Using Too Many Elements

While you want to go for an aesthetically pleasing layout, there is a fine line between good web design and overly complicated web design. You will want to keep your colour scheme simple and avoid using too much imagery that distracts from the functionality of the website. Remember how google has succeeded with its simplicity design!

01 – Optimizing Your Website For Mobile Devices

Mobile web traffic now accounts for more than 20 % of global Internet traffic, and it’s scaling faster than the desktop did. If your website is not mobile enabled, you’re going to miss out on a growing population of users.