10 Most Useful Online Shopping Tips To Save Money

Online shopping not only saves your time but it is one of the most convenient methods for making safe payments. But, even while making the transaction, there are certain ways through which you can also save money. Check out 10 Most Useful Online Shopping Tips To Save Money

10 – Sign up for the newsletters

If you’re picky and only sign-up for the shops you absolutely love there’s a good chance you’ll nab decent sale pricing.

09 – Use stores with free shipping and return options

There are so many stores that now offer both free shipping and free returns. It is one of the most easiest way to save some extra cash with free shipping option.

08 – Use the right card

Both credit cards and debit cards offer merchant-funded rewards program. You may check whether any of your cards have an online merchant store.

07 – Use one Merchant for multiple buys

Try to purchase multiple items from one company if possible. Purchasing this way allows your retailer to ship all your purchases together and can save you hundreds in shipping costs.

06 – Research it on Google before you buy

Be sure to shop around before you purchase; even if you are buying a “sale” item, you might be able to find it cheaper at another retailer. Just Google it and compare prices.

Online shopping
Online shopping

05 – Follow your favourite shops on social media

Many online retailers announce exclusive deals on their social media accounts first. Follow your favorite stores on Twitter and Facebook, for starters.

04 – Use rebate sites

You can get cash back through rebate sites. In other words, not only do you get points on your credit card, you can actually make money when you buy some item online.

03 – Shop on the right day

The day of the week actually has a lot to do with how good of a deal you’re getting. For instance, Sunday is the best day to buy airfare, while other online retailers tend to release offers on Wednesday and Thursday for their products.

02 – Hunt for coupons

Always search for coupons before making a purchase. There are tons of coupon codes on PromoPro.com for all types of retailers, from small online merchants to large chain stores.

01 – Leave items in your cart

Unless you need a product immediately, put a few days between the moment when you add it to your online shopping cart, and when you check out. They will often send you discount offers to get you to purchase from them. This trick only works when you have an account on the merchant’s website.