10 Most Popular Instruments to Try

Looking to learn a new musical instrument but unsure of which one to choose? Music is one of the most incredible ways to expressing yourself creatively. You can’t go wrong by picking up an instrument, but there are a lot of choices out there. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all your options.

Here are the top 10 most popular instruments to learn for both beginner and experienced musicians. By the way the list is in random order.

10 – Drum Set

This percussion instrument plays a pivotal role in nearly every style of music. According to drumcenternh.com, a good quality drum set makes all the difference when it comes to a band’s sound.

As the drummer, you have the power to determine genre, tempo, and power. It’s an incredible instrument that’s so much fun to play, even if you have no experience.

09- Classical Guitar

Guitars are a great choice for beginners. One of the benefits of trying out a guitar is that they come in all kinds of styles and sizes, so you can find one that is perfectly suited for you. These are especially well suited for younger learners as the basic technique is pretty easy to pick up on.

08 – Keyboard

Not to be confused with the traditional piano, keyboards are unique instruments all on their own. These electric pianos are incredibly low maintenance and offer a very wide range of instrument sounds, all in one convenient location.

Keyboards are a more affordable and portable alternative to the traditional piano. They’re also great for improving concentration.

07 – Piano

Pianos have always been a creative escape for musicians to express themselves and let loose. They are highly versatile and have an impressive range.

You may find that playing the piano is quite the workout, and it requires a high level of fine motor skills. You’ll find stress relief and an increase in self-esteem when playing the piano, so it is definitely an instrument that’s worth trying.

06 – Recorder

If you’re looking for a wind instrument, the recorder is the perfect place to start. It is inexpensive and relatively easy to learn, and you won’t need a super skilled professional to teach you this one. Once you have mastered the recorder, you can try out something more expensive and recognized such as the flute.

05 – Electric Guitar

Surprisingly, musicians describe electric guitars as easier to learn than classical guitars. Electric guitars have thinner necks and lighter strings, which translates to easier chord handling for those who are unfamiliar with fretting chords.

04 – Bass Guitar

Bass guitars differ from electric guitars in that they have four to six strings and a longer scale length and neck. This is often used as a solo instrument in funk, Latin, progressive rock, jazz, and other rock styles.

03 – Violin

Violins are known as the highest pitched and smallest instrument in the string family. They are also popular for being elegant and imperative to various genres of music such as jazz, folk, country, and metal.

Learning the violin will benefit you in that it will improve your coordination, discipline, and concentration.

02 – Flute

Flutes are a common instrument for grade-school children to learn. They are compact, easy to pick up, and one of the most affordable instruments found in an orchestra.

This woodwind family item offers a variety of pitches depending on the material it the flute is made out of. Woodwind instruments tend to be easier to learn compared to keyboards and string instruments, but it all depends on the individual’s learning preferences.

01 – Harp

Few things have as unique of a silhouette as the harp. The user plucks the strings with their fingers, and the size of the harp itself can vary. Some you can play on your lap, while others are bigger and heavier and have to rest on the floor.