10 Most Useful Travel Apps

Being able to travel is one of the world’s greatest luxuries, but it can be a challenge. The planning process requires time and research. And even the best-organized vacations can take unexpected turns, therefore it’s always nice to know that someone has your back. What if that someone was an app in your pocket? Your smartphone has all the planning and troubleshooting tools you could possibly need. We compiled a list of the best apps to accompany your travels, help you plan your trip and enjoy your vacation—making it the easiest possible experience.

10 – Travel

Travel – Source: Fshoq

Locate your travel itineraries, mobile tickets and multi-modal searches in one app. Omio finds the best and cheapest train, bus and flight tickets across 36 countries and expanding. Book seat reservations, skip the queues at the kiosk with mobile tickets, and get help from customer service in your language. The trust of 27 million users and 800+ travel companies has already been earned.

09 – Weather

Weather – Source: Pixabay

Is there anything more annoying than making travel plans only to have them ruined by the weather? With the Dark Sky app, no storm will sneak up on you again. Since 2011, this company has made a name for itself by using robots for “scarily accurate” predictions. Detailed and mapped forecasts along with custom alerts can now be found in the palm of a traveler’s hand.

08 – Hotels

Hotels – Source: Pxhere

Finding the right accommodation can be tricky, especially when visiting a new country. Services Booking.com exist for that very reason, this particular platform contains over 29 million listings. It can be accessed online or through the app, available on Google Play and the App Store. Compare your options and book a room, apartment or home in a few simple steps.

07 – Food

Food –
Source: Pixnio

There’s no doubt about it. One of the best parts of traveling is the food. You can make good use of your license to eat with the Zomato app. Its huge team of foodies have gathered information on over 1 million restaurants in 24 countries. This gives travelers plenty of tasty and reliable opportunities to look forward to. Bon appétit.

06 – Budget

Budget – “Travel the world on budget” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Going over your budget on the first week isn’t ideal, so planning and restraint are essential when travelling. Spendee is a good example of the comprehensive and reasonably priced assistance – $22.99/year for the full package – available on your phone. Set a budget and stick to the daily advised expenditure, while tracking all your transactions and spending habits.

05 – Culture

Culture – Source: Pixnio

Getting to know your destination is always a good idea. Learning the basics of its history, landmarks and, of course, etiquette will make your experience easier and far more rewarding. The Lonely Planet app is the perfect companion for this. Full of expert guides, tips and figures, all the information you need is at your beck and call. Dive in before, or even while, adventuring.

04 – Events

Mask Venice Carnival
Mask Venice Carnival – Source: Maxpixel

You might want to know what events your destination has to offer, once you’ve arrived and settled in. Time Out is an established expert in everything going on, from music and theatre to art and culture, in 315 cities worldwide. This is another service that can now be used as a handy app to advise busy travelers more easily about any urban location of their choice.

03 – Experiences

Experiences – Source: Pixabay

Sometimes, however, it’s the locals and seasoned travelers who know these places best, including smaller, stranger or secret activities. Airbnb Experiences is a hub where such opportunities can be discovered: adventures, tours, classes and more. There is no better way to immerse yourself in a new and exciting culture than to allow the locals to guide you.

02 – Socials

Socials – Source: Pexels

Couchsurfing is famous among travelers as a service for finding local hosts that are happy to share their home with new people. Its other useful features are of equal interest. Members can interact, online or in person, and share experiences. But the service, which has connections in 200,000 cities, also organizes a range of social events for its couchsurfers on a regular basis.

01 – Diary

Diary – Source: Pixnio

The 21st-century traveler has evolved beyond physical journals and photo albums to collect memories. Several digital platforms exist to keep a rich record of your adventures. Travel Diaries allows you to upload text and images – photos, videos, maps – into a private or public profile for free. Customize and share every step of your journey on social media or even in print.
Think about what this vacation is for and pack your phone, as well as your bag, accordingly. The demands of a tropical adventure are quite different from those of a historical or party destination. But something all these options have in common is how invaluable your phone can be. Avoid stress and disappointment. Make every trip special by planning ahead and putting together a digital toolkit with everything you will – or just might – need. It’s organized and confident travelers that enjoy the most extraordinary experiences.