Online marketing
Online marketing

10 Most Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

If you are going to start with digital marketing industry, there is no better time than today. Online marketing is so critical for any small business expecting to stay competitive. But what online marketing strategies should you focus on in your restricted time is a busy entrepreneur? Here are 10 most effective digital marketing tips for small business owners.

10 – Built Your Website

Make sure you have an updated, mobile-friendly website that is easy for users to navigate across all devices like pc, mobile phones, tablets and has a modern, clean design. If you aren’t experienced about website building, there are lots of online services for that purpose. Ning is a good alternative to best website builder for small business.

09 – Include Basic Informations

Include important information customers want to know at first. Your business address, phone number, hours of operation, etc. on your website where visitors can find them easily. You would be surprised how many businesses forget to show this most basic info.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

08 – Think Local

If your business targets local customers, claim your listings on local search directories, such as Google My Business and Bing places for business. These services are free and help ensure that nearby potential customers find you when they search online for your service.

07 – Test as much as you can

The best way to improve your small business is to never become irrelevant and always be testing. Identify your customer’s needs, test your hypothesis with paid advertising, iterate, and test again.

06 – Follow the Rules

When it comes to online marketing or any other kind of marketing, three rules are: Keep it simple, be consistent, and always respond to feedback as soon as you can.

05 – Content Marketing

Try starting a blog for your business. Play with your keywords to optimize for SEO, and even tap into industry influencers to contribute posts and share with their communities like LinkedIn. Content is really important! The more you can produce, the more links you can tag and the more you have to share.

04 – Use Social Media Regularly

Don’t make the mistake of using social media to blast your customers with promotions. A research shows this may actually turn followers off and make them tune out your posts. However, if you provide valuable content to your target audience, they will be much more likely to pay close attention to the few promotions that you mix in there. Be engaged with your audience, building trust and brand loyalty, rather than using your profiles to essentially be online billboards.


03 – Use Online Reviews

Claim your listings on online ratings and review sites, such as Google places and Yelp. Use signage in your location and links on your website or in your emails to encourage your customers to write reviews for your business. Observe your reviews and rapidly respond to any that are negative. You should try to maintain a rating of four stars or above.

02 – Connect with Customers Via Newsletters

Email is one of the most effective digital marketing tool. Whether they are consumers or business owners, and no matter what their age, just about everyone checks their email box. Create a monthly email newsletter and send out regular marketing messages with special offers, news, and discounts.

01 – Explore Digital Advertising

Search engine optimization and social media posts will only take you so far. To stand out from the rest online, you should start with pay-per-click online ads and ads on social media channels. By choosing the right keywords and narrowing your target potential customers, you can hone in on those prospective customers who are most likely to want what you sell or service.