10 Most Important Facts To Know About The Coronavirus

The coronavirus is everywhere at the moment – every TV station and online news site is constantly releasing the latest stories about it. For many people though, it is easy to know what is happening without knowing too much about the virus itself. Getting as much knowledge as you can is worthwhile as it will help reassure you in these uncertain times. But what are the ten most useful coronavirus facts you need to know?

10 – It Is A Large Family Of Viruses

Although we may think of the coronavirus as a virus in its own right, this is not true. It is actually the general name for a large family of viruses. Under a microscope, the viruses in this family look like crowns which is why they were named as they are. 4 of the viruses in the family cause flu like symptoms in humans but COVID-19 is a new, more sinister strain. The COVID-19 member of the coronavirus family can cause severe pneumonia and death in certain people or groups.


09 – It Came From China

The COVID-19 strain of the virus which has caused so much trouble recently came from China originally. The city of Wuhan in Hubei was the first place to record its effects and this is seen as the place COVID-19 came from. This strain of the coronavirus is highly contagious and has since spread from China around the world. As well as the UK, the USA and Europe, it is also being seen in the Middle East as well.

08 – How Is It Passed On?

As with most viruses, colds and flu’s, the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus is transmitted via airborne particles. The most common way humans pass it between them is by coughing or sneezing. This strain of the virus though can also be passed on by coming into contact with surfaces which have the virus on it. For these reasons, hand washing and surface disinfection are key ways to fight it.

07 – Look Out For Fever or Coughs

But how do you know if you have COVID-19 or someone at work or in your family does? The truth is that a lot of the symptom can look like standard flu or a bad cold which makes it tricky. Things to watch out for though are a fever, feelings of lethargy, a cough and labored breathing. COVID-19 can then lead to serious conditions which endanger life such as renal failure or SARs.

06 – Take Action If You Think You Have It

Anyone who suspects they have coronavirus should take immediate action. This is best sought from official Government sources for the country you live in online. The key thing is usually to self-isolate for 14 days so you do not spread the virus around. After 14 days, you should be fine to get back into society again as long as you feel well. Many groups considered at risk (such as over 70’s) are being advised to self-isolate as a precaution to avoid picking the virus up.


05 – Travel Is Not Advised Either

This pandemic has come at the worst time of year for many who have holidays booked which they are due to head out on soon. Once more you should check official advice but the general guidance seems to be that any travel between countries is not advised. Some countries have even begun not letting any foreign tourists enter at all. With non-essential travel been advised in many countries and some in total lockdown, international travel is not something that you should be thinking about right now.

04 – People With Existing Conditions Should Watch Out

Although there is a lot of panic around this outbreak, the vast majority of people will not be in danger from COVID-19. It is however serious for a small percentage of the global population with existing underlying health problems. It is these people with existing conditions like Diabetes or Asthma that could die from getting coronavirus. These groups of people who are considered most at risk are the ones who are being encouraged to engage in social distancing or self-isolation to stay safe.

03 – What Exactly Is A Pandemic?

It is worth simply knowing what a pandemic is! The World Health Organisation has classed the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic now which can sound scary if you do not know what this means. In simple terms, a pandemic is a contagious disease which spreads across many parts of the globe. As the coronavirus has now spread to many different parts of the world, it has been classed as an official pandemic.

Toilet paper
Toilet paper

02 – Do Not Stockpile Goods!

There is no doubt that this outbreak has caused mass panic among many people in the countries affected. One symptom of this has been the stockpiling of essential supplies like toilet roll and handwash by some people. This has left shops in many countries with bare shelves and looking like something from a film! You should not stockpile masses of supplies though as this is selfish and does not leave anything else for other people who need some.

01 – It Will Pass

Already in Wuhan, the signs are that this virus is slowing down. This is good news for the rest of the world as the same process should begin to happen there too. If a vaccine can also be developed in the meantime, this would help greatly and see COVID-19 controlled in better ways.

There is no doubt that the whole world may still feel the effects of the coronavirus for some time yet. With Wuhan now seeing a slowdown though, it is to be hoped that this is one pandemic which is due to run its course soon. Once over, we can all get back to living life and enjoying ourselves again!