10 Most Romantic Moments From Friends

Friends had some pretty iconic moments, and so many of them were romantic. Ross and Rachel’s relationship is probably the overwhelming stand-out relationship of the entire series, but which moments had us gasping for just as much joy? Here are the top 10.

10 – Janice & Chandler

When Chandler decided to take to the internet to find love, he could have never imagined that he would find Janice again. When they are talking online, she sends him the message ‘HH’, which Chandler explains to Phoebe means ‘holding hands’. Dating has come a long way since Janice and Chandler got talking, with dating options like the Badoo android app, you can use geolocation to match with people nearby, and meet people based on your shared interests. Janice and Chandler kept finding ways to reconnect, and though they ultimately weren’t meant to be, the audience couldn’t get enough, and this moment proves that they couldn’t get enough of each other either.

09 – “The Left Phalange!!”

When the friends were trying to give Ross one last moment to see Rachel at the end of the show, Phoebe arguably made the most romantic gesture in modern television. To buy themselves time on the way to the airport, Phoebe calls Rachel to tell her that there is a problem with the “left phalange” (a completely made up part of the plane) and causes an air traffic control incident which delays Rachel’s flight. Although most people paint this moment to be about Ross and Rachel, it’s really all down to Phoebe.

08 – Ross and Rachel’s First Kiss

Ross and Rachel’s first kiss is one of the most iconic moments in television history. After a huge argument, Rachel locks Ross out of Central Perk, and then he waits in the rain for her to open the door before they have their first kiss.

07 – Phoebe Seduces Chandler

Phoebe is possibly the most romantic character on Friends, and not for her own gain. She is often found putting herself on the line for her friends. When Monica and Chandler are trying to keep their relationship a secret, Phoebe seduces Chandler to pressure him into admitting that he is in a relationship with Monica. It isn’t so much Phoebe’s seduction but more Chandler’s admission that he is in love with Monica that makes this one of the most romantic moments in the series.

06 – Phoebe and Mike’s Wedding

When a blizzard nearly cancels Mike and Phoebe’s wedding, they decide to get married in the street outside Central Perk. This felt like a huge moment for the Friends, as all of their best moments seemed to happen on this street corner, and it looked magical in the snow.

05 – Joey and Rachel Realise They Can Only Be Friends

Joey and Rachel trying to have a relationship was probably one of the most unexpected moments in the show, and has been largely panned by critics. The best part was when they realised how much they meant to each other as friends, and how much they mean to each other without having to be together as a couple.

04 – Joey Proposes To Phoebe

When Joey thinks that Phoebe is pregnant, he proposes to her. She accepts but unfortunately it was a misunderstanding, and he decides to propose to Rachel instead. It might feel outdated, but coming out of Joey’s mouth it feels like a very romantic gesture.

03 – Ross Reconnects With Marcel

Although it isn’t strictly a romantic moment, Ross’s reconnection with Marcel the monkey is one of those scenes that has you reaching for the tissues. When Marcel is in New York filming his latest movie, he doesn’t recognise Ross, until he and the friends begin to sing his favourite songs. Marcel instantly runs off set and on to Ross’s shoulder, who is thrilled that Marcel remembers him.

02 – Joey and Food

We couldn’t have a list of the most romantic moments from Friends without mentioning Joey’s one true love – food. Joey is the only member of the group not to find love at the end of the season, but that’s probably because he had it all along. Joey doesn’t share food, and he has ruined some of his most romantic prospects because of this.

01 – Monica and Chandler’s Proposal

The most romantic moment in the entire show has to be when both Monica and Chandler propose at the same time. When Chandler walks into the apartment to find it surrounded by candles and Monica ready to propose When she is too emotional to finish, Chandler takes a knee and finishes the proposal. Try to watch it without crying – we dare you!