If you are going to Canada for vacation or business, then naturally you want to take care of a variety of things. For starters, you want to book the flight tickets in advance to get the best rates, and get travel insurance for a safe and comfortable journey. You also want to ensure that you have the foreign currency with you either in the form of cash or in a forex card. However, it’s best if you try to get cash back with the local credit cards, which is especially recommended if you travel frequently. For instance, you can get cash back with credit cards like Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite, RBC Cash Back Preferred World Elite Mastercard, etc.
With these cards, you can save a lot of money and still enjoy all the things you are interested in during your stay.
Apart from the various measures explained above, there should be a checklist for you to go through as well. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 essentials that you need when traveling:

10 – Noise Cancelling Headphones

Airplanes can be quite noisy. There is also a chance of you getting a seat beside an obnoxious family that won’t stop chattering. So, if you want a comfortable and relaxed journey, then you must get a pair of quality noise canceling headphones. If you plan to listen to music or watch a movie during the flight, then you have all the more reason to get a pair.

09 – Power Bank

When you are traveling, you spend a lot of time on the road. This means that you won’t get access to wall outlets to recharge your devices as much as you would want to. However, this problem can be easily solved with a high-capacity power bank that’s capable of recharging your smartphone’s battery at least 2-3 times for a full charge. You can also use it to recharge wireless headphones, iPod, or any other device that’s chargeable via a USB cable. Just make sure you compare all the best portable power banks currently available in the market to get a huge bang for your buck.

08 – Compact Camera

Compact Camera

Compact Camera

A visit to a foreign country like Canada means that you get ample opportunities to explore new places. However, if you want to capture these moments, then you want a decent camera with you, particularly one that’s compact enough to take little space in your backpack.
Some of the best compact travel cameras that you can consider include:

  • Sony Cybershot WX220
  • Panasonic Lumix ZS200
  • Canon PowerShot ELPH 360
  • Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

You may also take some photography lessons online while you are at it. There are all kinds of tutorials online that you can check out for free, including examples of some of the most creative selfies. You want some self-portraits in beautiful locations, don’t you?

07 – Snacks and Drinking Water

When you are away from home, you don’t often get the comfort that you are used to. For instance, when you feel hungry at home, you have a fridge full of your favorite food at your disposal. However, you may not get this luxury when you are traveling. So, you want to make sure that you have some of your various snacks and drinking water with you in your traveling bag at all times.

06 – Ziplocks

You have no idea how useful ziplock bags can be when you are traveling. You can use these to carry your damp clothes, protect your electronic devices from water damage in case it rains, or simply for carrying food. You can also use these for organizing small items in your luggage bags. So, make sure you pack a few zip lock bags before you set off.

05 – First Aid Kit

A vacation is supposed to a fun experience but you should always be prepared for the worst. This is the reason why it’s strongly recommended that you carry a small first aid kit that can help you deal with minor health issues in case things go south.
If you are already taking medication, then make sure that you pack copies of all prescriptions including the generic names for the medicines. You also want to carry cough drops, mild laxative, anti-motion sickness medication, antibiotics, and medication for fever and pain such as ibuprofen and aspirin. If you want to be even more careful, then you can also check out a proper travel health checklist here.

04 – Sunscreen



If you are traveling during summer, then make sure that you carry your own trusted sunscreen with you if you want to prevent yourself from sunburn. Although you can always buy it from a local shop in Canada, it’s better if you have it with you, especially if you prefer a particular brand.

03 – Diaper Bag for Infants

If you are traveling with a toddler, then don’t forget to pack a diaper bag for the journey. It should have all the essentials including diapers, cream, wipes, changing mat, and feeding bottles.

02 – Kindle

It’s not uncommon for flights to delay or travel plans to take unexpected turns. So, if and when something like this happens, you want something to kill time. This is where Kindle comes in.
Kindle is a light-weight and compact device that can be compared to a standard book in size but it’s capable of storing hundreds of books. So, you don’t have to be picky about which books you have to carry, as with Kindle you can carry them all and enjoy reading them whenever you want.

01 – Flip-flops

You can’t expect to feel comfortable when you are walking around in the same shoes/heels that you wore at the time of traveling. When you have reached your destination, you want to get comfy. For that, you need your most comfortable flip-flops. Besides, they hardly take any space in your luggage.
So, there you have it- the top 10 items that you need to carry with you while traveling to Canada for a comfortable experience. Don’t forget to miss a single one of them, and have a happy journey!