Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

10 Most Important Style Tips for a Winter Groom

Getting married in the wintertime is popular with people who lead busy lives during the summer. Having a snowy background for your wedding photos is a wonderful way to make sure your big day is a memorable one – for all the right reasons.
Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort and knowing what to wear is often one of the biggest dilemmas a bride will face, but what about the groom? It is just as important for the groom to feel comfortable and confident on his wedding day and a winter wedding can really test your fashion skills. Let us help you to prepare for your winter wedding day and prove that it’s not only about the wedding dress as the right tux can make everyone ‘woo’ too.

10 – Dress for the Weather

You will need to make sure you are dressed for the cold, as it is likely there will be lots of waiting around. You will stand at the altar and wait for your bride to walk down the aisle, you will stand around while the photographer takes photos and you will need to do things like make speeches and cut the cake.

09 – Put your Thermals on

As well as wearing long sleeved shirts, warm trousers and a cosy jacket, you should also remember to put a thick pair of socks on to keep your toes warm, as churches are often cold – especially in the winter.


08 – Practice the First Dance

There’s nothing more daunting than the pressure of the first dance and in the winter, there’s also no better way to keep warm than to take to the dance floor.

07 – Wear Warm Shoes

Think about your footwear carefully as you will need to be comfortable as you can expect to be on your feet all day. However, getting married in the wintertime brings with it the issue of snow so, make sure you have something on your feet so you don’t slip!

06 – Manage your Men

You should take some of the responsibility of the wedding planning off your partner and do jobs such as letting your groomsmen know where to go for their tuxes and wedding suits, giving directions to the church and making sure your bachelor party isn’t the night before the wedding. A chilly night out on the town right before you tie the knot isn’t the best way to start married life, as a hangover mixed with a cold is a bad combination.

Wedding car
Wedding car

05 – Wedding Cars

Avoid soft tops and old classics that don’t have good heating systems, as driving to and from the wedding in a cold car won’t be fun for anyone.

04 – Buy the Bride a Gift

Don’t forget to buy your bride a nice gift to give her during the after party. You can give her something nice like a silk scarf to keep her warm or stick to a safe option like jewellery.

03 – Get Ready

No matter how grey and dreary the weather is on your big day, don’t forget to get motivated on the morning of your wedding by having a good shave, trimming your hair and cutting your nails. You don’t need to go all out and have a manicure, but looking good on your wedding day is important even if you get married on a rainy day in the middle of January.


02 – Go on a Hot Honeymoon

A great way to balance out the cold on a wedding day is to head somewhere hot and sunny for the honeymoon, so forget a few days away in Cornwall and head for a fortnight in the Caribbean instead.

01 – Take a Deep Breath …

Getting married is a huge occasion whatever time of the year you choose to get hitched and before you begin your big day, take some time to yourself to prepare for everything that lies in store on possibly the biggest day of your life.
From wearing warm clothes through to booking a honeymoon somewhere hot, it is easy for every groom to enjoy a winter wedding by doing a little preparation.