10 Most Underrated Hair Care Tips

If you’re hoping to transform your look, your hair is the best place to start. It’s a part of your aesthetic where there’s a lot of potential for customization and personal styling, and it’s fertile ground for crafting that perfect look. But good hair starts with efficient hair care – and this article will share with you some of the less well-known tips designed to help you keep your locks looking luscious.

10 – Think about your food

“You are what you eat,” goes the phrase – and when it comes to hair, this is especially true. Did you know that eggs are great food choices if you’re hoping to look after your hair, simply because they contain so much omega 3? There are lots of other foods which can help, too – so do your research.

09 – And also what you drink

What you drink also matters. Water, of course, is the stuff of life – and it can have a real impact on your hair, as it ensures the cells at the root of each hair are powered up and active.


08 – How much do you brush?

If you grew up with long hair, it may well be that your parents told you to brush it as much as possible in order to keep it free from straggles, kinks and excessive curling. But it’s not necessarily the case that brushing long hair can keep it healthy, and it can sometimes reduce the amount of fiber in your hair.

07 – Buy some serums

Everyone’s hair is different, and some people are better are creating the conditions for positive hair maintenance substances than others. If you are lacking in some of the amino acids and other key hair-simulating liquids that are needed for effective growth, stimulating them artificially with products that you can buy online is a wise move. The official Facebook page of Viabrance explains just what sort of product can do for you: Viabrance is packed with nutrients to help feed your hair and let it grow, so it’s worth investigating

06 – Wash better, not more

Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair all the time does not necessarily result in a magical transformation. While it may make your hair super-clean all the time, it can also damage it – and cause it to become, ironically, too dry. For that reason, it’s wise to experiment with hair washing and assessing what the consequences of doing it more or less often can be, that way, you’re likely to find a regime that works for you.


05 – See a stylist

Walking down the hair care aisle of your local drugstore may suggest that stylists are out, and self-directed hair care is in. But stylists at salons know their stuff – and if you’re finding it difficult to tackle a particular problem, such as excessive split ends, it may well be worth heading along to your local salon and asking them if they are able to advise or provide some sort of product.

04 – Don’t forget conditioner

Conditioner is a great choice. However, some hair geeks might tell you that it’s not necessary – or, worse, that it can actively damage your hair. But you should always remember that conditioner has many benefits, such as softness.

03 – Take notice of the weather

Depending on where you live, the weather is likely to play a role in what hair care decisions you make. If you live somewhere windy, for example, investing in some sort of gel or a hold product is likely to be a smart move. If you live somewhere warm, you might have to think about ways to defend against the reduced moisture afforded by the warm climate.

Hair dryer
Hair dryer

02 – Cut yourself some slack

If you’re stressing out about your hair’s appearance, less than desirable appearances can be exacerbated. After all, it’s well known that experiencing high amounts of stress over a particular period of time can lead to people developing grey hairs and other problems. One thing that’s for sure is that a happy person has happier hair.

01 – Love your look

What’s most important is that you treat yourself well, and that you learn to love your appearance. By being grateful for your hair’s advantages, you’ll be able to develop a healthy self-esteem – which often shines through more than any food choice, brushing regime or more can do.

If you’re looking to keep your hair looking fancy, then, these tips are for you. And whether you decide to use more conditioner, change your diet or even just check the weather forecast more often, there are plenty of ways to give your hair the treat it needs.