10 Most Effective Productivity Tips

Time runs short, but you still can’t get to work to finish that paper writing before the deadline arrives? Find yourself distracted easily and struggle to find motivation? Keep putting off your essay writing till later? There is hardly a person who wasn’t in a situation like this. Procrastination can be a real problem that has to be taken seriously, especially when your workload is piling up and you feel like you are stuck. Here are 10 productivity tips that will help you overcome procrastination.

10 – Find a goal

Ask yourself why you are doing this in the first place. Find yourself a goal that really makes sense to you. Why is this work that needs to be done useful — for you or for others? How is it important for your academic progress or for your career? What will it give you personally at the end of the day? For example, instead of looking through essay topics you’ve been given by your professor and thinking how much effort and time it would take to get it done, you can think of the possibility of getting a high grade you really need — or the possibility to improve your writing skills and critical thinking, for that matter.

09 – Be creative

If the task you need to do seems like time-consuming, boring, tedious work, try to change the way you work on it in some ways. Use your imagination and creativity, think out of the box, do something unusual — anything that would make your work seem not as dull as before.

08 – Make a list

Make a list of your tasks for the day. More often than not it’s pretty much enough to make you get to work and complete each and every task you’ve got on your list. It’s guaranteed you’ll feel satisfaction each time you strike a completed task out of the list.

07 – Treats

Think of some treat you can give yourself as encouragement for each task you complete (or for each time period spent focused on work). Have you completed an important section of your research writing? Get some time off, buy yourself something nice or go to the movies. You’ve totally deserved it!

06 – Relax

Try to divide your working process into stages and have a relaxing break after each stage is completed. You can read a favorite book or just lounge with a cup of tea — anything that works for you — and then go back to work, rested and inspired.

05 – Set smaller tasks

Instead of thinking how big and complex your task is, try to imagine it as a set of smaller tasks, and work on each of them separately (tips 5 and 6 will apply perfectly in this case as well).

04 – Hide your smartphone

Put away all the things that can distract you from your work. Close your social network page tab in your browser, hide your smartphone and other devices. If it works for you, wear headphones that block all sounds and work in complete silence, without any distractions whatsoever.

03 – Find motivation

Plan something interesting you can do after you complete your work (or a part of it). This will motivate you to stop delaying and to finish your work just in time.

02 – Search for sources

If you still find it hard to overcome procrastination, use the time you spend not working… with use. Do some reading, search for sources for your next Scooby do my essay writing assignment, do some organizational stuff (like, clean your email inbox, send a letter you had to send a while ago, etc.).

01 – Share your work with someone

Tell someone about the task that you have to do. The thing is, when you speak of it out loud, you activate your brain and automatically start thinking of the ways to solve the issue at hand. Besides, if you share it with someone, you can get some useful advice. As a result, a hard task that worries you may seem not that impossible at all.

There are many ways to stop procrastinating, but the main thing you have to remember is that you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Productive work needs proper motivation, and you can only be properly motivated when you know it’s beneficial for you, when you are rested and inspired, when you know that after you finish it, something nice will happen.