British Royal Family
British Royal Family

10 Most Accurate British Stereotypes

There are definitely stereotypes that are commonly applied to the British culture, some of which are fairly close to the truth, and some not! Check out 10 Most Accurate British Stereotypes.

10 – The Man with a Van

Are you that man with a van who people always turn to when they need to move? If that’s you, you love a pint and a good chat, and you don’t mind telling other people why the manager of your football team isn’t very good.

09 – The lady of Leisure

Do you find yourself sat outside fancy cafes in the middle of town with dainty cakes in hand and a cup of tea in front of you? If that sounds like you, you’re probably a British lady of leisure. Put down your Jane Austin and get to work.

08 – The Sophisticated Gentleman

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a James Bond-type character? Think about it as you get off the tube and make your way to your City office to plough the stock market.

07 – The Business Boffin

Do you dream about figures and Power Point? Ponder solutions to your human resources problem while you’re in your expensive car? If that sounds like you you’re probably a business boffin.

06 – The Eco-Hippy

Is your ambition in life to save the polar bears? Good job! You’re an eco-hippy. You probably spend your time wrapped around trees or trying to protect the badger population from being decimated.

British Flag
British Flag

05 – The Sports Lout

Do you live in a shell suit and solely talk about football and bad rap music? You’re probably a sports lout. Maybe you enjoy the occasional fight after the football, so long as you don’t get caught by the police.

04 – The Royalist

‘Long live the Queen!’ is the phrase you utter first when you get out of bed, and it’s the last thing that you think before you go to sleep. God save our Queen.

03 – The Boozer

Are you reading this from your warn-in seat at the local pub? If the answer’s yes then you’re probably like a bit of a drinker. You like having a couple every night before you go home, and your favourite topics of conversation are the state of the toilets and your contempt for politicians.

02 – The Ancient Academic

Is your head always in a book? Are your glasses as thick as jam jars and is your beard as bushy as a squirrel’s tail? If that’s the case then you’re a typical British academic.

01 – The Perfect Princess

Did you wake up to a kiss from your prince charming this morning? Do you put more conditioner onto your hair than food in your body? You’re a perfect princess.