10 Most Effective Ways to Simplify Your Life Today

Do you make new year’s resolutions about simplifying your life? Many people do, and there’s a good reason for it. The modern age has a way of making our personal lives quite complex and needlessly messy if we aren’t vigilant. What does it take to eradicate all the unnecessary activities, obligations, and otherwise intrusive elements of the rushed modern age? Here are 10 ways to get a grip on the situation and add a dose of clarity, serenity, and peace to your daily routine.

10 – Make a Budget

Budgets aren’t fun but they are a good way to free up your life, help you save money, and add satisfaction to your job situation. People who make and abide by reasonable budgets seem to be happier because they know where their money is coming from and where it’s going.

09 – Efficiently Structure Student Loans

It’s simple to research how to do a student loan consolidation, thus achieving several key financial goals all at once. Not only can borrowers get more favorable rates and terms, but they are immediately able to combine all their existing education loans into one. That means having just a single monthly payment and a simpler financial life.

08 – Manage the Morning

Create a useful morning routine to save time and make an otherwise stressful part of the day more relaxing. Set your clothes out each evening, have your breakfast items set up and ready to go in the kitchen, make time for a very short but invigorating workout or stretching session, and consider spending five minutes planning or reviewing plans for the upcoming work day.

07 – Plan Lunches a Day Ahead

Write down the five lunch menus you’ll use for a typical Monday through Friday work week. Prepare as many of them ahead of time as possible and stick them in the fridge.

06 – Kill Useless Email Subscriptions

Go through your email account and unsubscribe to as many accounts as possible. Only keep a few that you need and want.

05 – Learn the Art of Making Nightly To-Do Lists

Each evening before bed, spend about 10 minutes making a to-do list for the next day. Consider creating a printed template pad of paper for this purpose.

04 – Put Workouts on the Calendar

Commit to workout sessions by putting them on the calendar. This is an effective way of avoiding the urge to skip or reschedule exercise.

03 – Limit Personal Phone Calls

An effective way to reduce the amount of time you spend on the phone is to set a reasonable limit on talk time. For many working adults, five minutes per personal call is an achievable limit.

02 – Meditate Every Day

Whether you pray, meditate, do seated relaxation sessions, or something similar, set aside 10, 20, or more minutes every day to let your body and mind become still. Preferably, you’ll do this at set times and in a quiet place where there’s minimal chance of interruptions.

01 – Make a Daily Activity Template

Write down all the things you do every day, or on particular days. Alongside the beginning and ending times for each activity, write the activity’s name. Most people have one daily template like this for weekdays and another for weekends.