10 Most Effective Ways To Make A Life Change

It’s been said that we’re all allotted a lifespan of three score years and ten. That may be a little outdated now, but if you knock off the first 18 years or so as being largely dictated by our parents and education, then that leaves around 50 years of active healthy life for most of us.
So what about all those things you were going to do with your life; have you really done them yet? If you can answer yes, then great, but if not, what are you waiting for? This life is no dress rehearsal and as the song says; “enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think”. But we’re not talking about a “bucket list” here; we’re more concerned with how you can affect a change in the way you view your life, so here are ten possible ways:

10 – Meditate

Yoga via pixabay

Allowing yourself time to meditate each day helps you prioritise your life. You know yourself better than anyone else does – so giving yourself time to empty your head of all extraneous thoughts also helps you know what you really want.

09 – Consult the Oracle

A great many people take comfort in the unique insight of others to recognize their own innate abilities and dreams that aren’t always apparent to themselves. Consulting a psychic or medium at TheCircle, which has over 15 years’ worth of trusted experience behind it, can be a life-changing event. It’s also hugely interesting to hear what someone with this kind of insight has to say about you.

08 – Counselling

Talking to a trusted third party on a “four walls” basis and telling this trusted person your innermost thoughts can really help you understand yourself – and to take action to change things.

07 – Exercise

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If you’re not a fitness type – then taking up safe but energetic exercise can really give you a jump start in life and help you see things differently.

06 – Food

The same goes for trying a whole new way of eating. Go gluten-free for a month, or try being vegetarian, and see how it makes you feel.

05 – Travel

If you can afford it and can organize it – then taking a serious amount of time out of your life to travel or simply to live in another part of the world can really help change the way you see things – including your own life.Travel helps us gain perspective on our own lives in a unique way.

04 – Learn

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When did you last learn a new skill? The active pursuit of skills and knowledge helps keep us all more youthful and alive. It’s often said, for example, that learning to play learning to play a musical instrument is the best way to use both the left and right side of our brains in equal measure. People who are interested in the world about them are also interesting – so learning helps generate a positive life spiral.

03 – Move house

Moving to a new place to live can help give anyone a refreshed focus on life. Of course, this is a major decision, so be sure it’s what you want to do before acting on impulse.

02 – Change job

Finding job
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If you feel in a rut, then changing jobs, even if it’s any the same field, can give us a kick-start in life; it may be a bumpy road – but it’s a new one.

01 – Acceptance

Acceptance is 90% of the solution, it’s often said, and on that basis, maybe you don’t need to change. “Phone a friend” and ask him or her for their perspective on your life – maybe you’re just fine as you are!