10 Most Useful Apps That Will Save You From Trouble at College

Modern technology makes our lives easier in many ways. Thanks to smartphones and laptops, education is now more flexible and accessible to people. With so many tools and applications, college life seems to never have been easier. Different apps can help manage time, prepare for classes, take notes more efficiently, or proofread an essay fast.

There are various resources online that help to make studies more productive. It is easy to get advice, find relevant information, or get professional help from the essay service – it all depends on your needs. Here are some of the most useful apps for students.

10 – Alarmy

Let’s start with the basics – here’s a great alarm application that will make sure that you never miss a class. If you often pull all-nighters or are just not very good at waking up early, this one’s for you.

It has really loud sounds and also offers a lot of customization options. One of the main benefits is that you can set up specific tasks to do to turn the alarm off.

You can set a Math problem to solve, choose a specific thing you need to take a picture of, or even choose to vigorously shake your phone to turn it off.

09 – My Study Life

This is one of the best apps for time management available for students. The main functionality is a calendar that helps to keep track of all important deadlines, so you always know when the essay due date is.

You can set reminders beforehand to start working on your projects. One of the amazing benefits is that it is synchronized among various devices, so you can access the calendar anytime. It is also possible to create to-do lists for each day to make sure you are productive.

08 – Google Docs+Drive

Although many students know about this option, they often brush off the fascinating advantages this solution has to offer. And it is available for everyone for free. This is by far one of the most convenient ways to create documents and to keep them all organized in one place.

It is perfect for working on group projects. Another important benefit is that all the documents are stored in the cloud, which decreases the risk to lose any bit of information. And, of course, you can access all your files from any part of the world or any device.

For those who always try to save up some time there is a voice typing feature. In Google documents, you can dictate any essay or document, which is faster than typing.

07 – Grammarly

This is a perfect proofreading app for all types of academic papers. It is a comprehensive and useful solution that checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It also checks tautology and offers simpler constructions.

There are two options – a free version and a premium one. If you need basic proofreading, the free one is good to go. The premium option helps with style, delivery, and engagement. It is designed for more professional use and working writers who strive for originality, among other aspects.

The best part is that it can be downloaded as a desktop app or used as a browser extension.

06 – One Look

It is a very helpful website for those who work with dictionaries. It searches the word or term through the multitude of them and offers them all on one page. You can also check ‘related words” to find an appropriate term or an example of usage.

Overall, it is a simple and credible source, whether you want to enrich your vocabulary or want to know exactly what the word means.


05 – Snap2PDF

This app does exactly what the name suggests. It can turn almost any document into a PDF file. For example, if you need to convert the text to a sharable format, you can just take a picture of it and create a PDF file.

It is going to be a searchable file, which is an amazing advantage. You can save and share these files. For sure, such a solution makes student life much easier.

04 – SoundNote

If you want to be more effective when it comes to taking notes during the lecture – this is an application for you. It is designed for iOS devices, but there is a similar app for Android devices – AudioNote.

The app allows recording audio and taking notes in the app at the same time. So you can have a lecture recording alongside the comments you’ve made. And it is easy to find a specific place in the recording through a search function. With this software, you’ll never miss anything important.

03 – Google Scholar

This is another very useful Google service for students. Basically, it is a search engine that shows only academically approved results. It saves tons of time when you are doing research.

You’ll get only scientific publications, burnable book, and peer-reviewed articles. And you can directly copy already formed references for your works cited from there – in MLA, APA, or Chicago.

02 – StudyBlue

This one is a great solution for easy and productive revision and exam preparation sessions. It allows creating flashcards on any subject to easily memorize all the important terms, dates, or facts.

There is a huge database of the flashcards that other students have created. Maybe, you can find a lot of useful ones there or just learn something new while waiting in line. Other functions include reminders to do revision and progress tracking.

01 – Bubbl.us

This one is a prominent mind-mapping app. It has a pretty simple interface and straightforward functionality. It helps to organize ideas on the subject or project logically.

You can create mind maps when working on an essay, research paper, or course work. It helps to find the most powerful arguments and highlight the main ideas.

In Summary

These ten applications help with various parts of student life whether it is time management, proofreading, or taking notes. All of them can automate some processes and make your studies more convenient. Use them to your benefit!