10 Most Effective Tips on How to Avoid Problems in Relationships

It is natural for people to form relationships trying to find happiness in love. Most people are afraid to be alone and are always in search of romantic partnerships, marriage, family, love, and, of course, s*x. However, sensual love and romantic relationships do not always involve happiness. One of the tragedies of romantic relationships is not that they end but how they end. Often people who have a wife or a husband, children, boyfriend or simply a s*xual partner are still unhappy with their relationships. Here are 10 most popular advices on how to avoid complex issues that make love unhappy.


You and your partner definitely should define what your relationship stands for. It can be a mutual dream, desire to raise children, do charity, travelling, etc. In order to stay together and make each other happy do not hesitate to clarify what holds you together and what mutual objectives you have.


What are yours and your partner’s roles in relationship? You and your partner can be engaged, married or you can be parents. There are endless choices to make. For example, you can both agree that you are not serious but want to stay together to see what happens. The roles here are boyfriend and girlfriend. You can also be a major political figure and your partner will carry a role of supporter with your career being very important.


In the relationship one partner can play a role of entertainer while the other one is a caretaker who comforts. You can switch the roles or change them. When you define what role you play in relationship it is easier to understand why you are together with your partner. One partner can joke while another one makes a schedule of events. The more roles each partner has the better. This helps not to forget the reasons which put you together in the first place and also to avoid taking each other for granted.


Never threaten your partner to end the relationship. It also means that you should not let your partner blackmailand threaten you as well. When something like this happens it is called manipulation. Therefore, it is highly ineffective to use fear in order to win the argument. Typically, a person can contain some emotional and personal issues because he or she fears revealing them would make his/her partner want to leave. Never stay silent out of fear because saying the hard things might be difficult but effective.


You should seek counseling when you and your partner can’t overcome your issues. If what you are trying to save have a real value for both of you marriage or couple’s counseling can be effective. Usually, in troublesome relationships partners do not feel comfortable to talk about their issues with friends or relatives. In any case a friend’s advice is not always as good as that of a professional. Not only couples that fight physically or experience emotional abuse can benefit from counseling. Professional psychiatric help can reduce stress, and bring harmony, trust, and understanding to everybody in need.


Do not ignore your s*x life. It is normal for people who are together long enough to become alienated in bed. S*x after 5 years of marriage is usually not the same as it has been before. Specialists advise to be creative and meet the challenges seeing them as opportunities. The most typical advice is to “spice up” you s*x life. It means changing usual positions during s*x intercourse, trying new places (hotels, bathrooms, and rented apartments), using toys, work out, etc. Try rediscovering each other to explore what has been hidden before.


Be attentive to your partner’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, opinions, and activities. One thing all people can’t tolerate is disregard. You should be very cautious because when one partner disregards another it is the opposite of love. Be interested in each other even if you are not always up to it. Simple couple of words said at the right time in the right place can change a lot.


If you feel your relationship is not what you want it to be you better try changing it. We all want to be happy but it’s who we care about most that hurt us. Suffering and unhappiness are not intentional. They are the product of perspective and attitude. If you are unhappy in the relationship no matter how bad your partner may be there is always your share of guilt. Accept it and start from yourself. Then help your partner to become better as well.


Don’t demand from your partner more than you demand from yourself. You should try meeting your partner halfway and urge him to do the same. For example, if your friend asked you to visit him as a couple but your partner does not want to go try balance your request with a promise to make it up later. Unequal distribution of responsibility, duties, and interest lead to misbalance which ruins the relationships.


Try paying close attention to your finances. You should neither be dependent on your partner, nor make him/her depend on you. One of you can earn more but financial inequality leads to one partner using “money argument” to resolve issues that have nothing to do with money. This is a classic scheme in the “patriarch-housewife” scenario.
Be happy and strong because love is a challenge. Only those willing to accept and deal with challenges would benefit from relationships with their loving ones. Don’t blind yourself and dream of happiness 24/7. Be realistic but stay true to your ideals. Love and be loved. Thanks to our friends from RuBridesfor providing this article.