10 Most Important Rules For Giving Great Special Day Gifts:Gift Giving Etiquette

During special days such as holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, valentines, etc. people often give gifts to those celebrating these days. However, as you prepare to join the party, there are several rules you might want to understand before you pick up the next gift.

10 – Quality over trends

It’s the norm to buy trendy items as gifts during the holiday season. While this sounds great, it’s not that great as trends fade away with time. That trendy dress that you bought last year is probably out of fashion by now.
Focus on quality, longevity, and use when buying gifts. Get a gift that the recipient will appreciate and probably utilize for an extended period.

09 – Price vs. emotional value

It’s often the norm that the person who gives the most expensive gift is the most liked. Even in a family setting, the family member who gives the most expensive gifts is often the most endeared. Everyone wants to be associated with this family member.
However, people forget that folks give expensive gifts because they can afford to do so. In contrast, you might give a cheaper but with a higher emotional value than an expensive gift gifted to another.
Gifts should have meaning, emotional value, and should not be tied to dollar value.

08 – Understand the culture

Before giving a gift to someone, try to understand their culture. This is because some gifts are considered offensive in some cultures. For example, some consider cash as gifts to be inappropriate. Therefore, you might want to understand or simply ask the recipient what they’d like as a gift.

07 – There is a difference between a gift and a bribe

In the business world, it’s easy to confuse a gift for a bribe and vice versa. Therefore, when giving gifts to your business contacts, you might want to tread lightly. Your gifts can be misinterpreted, especially when there is something on the line, such as a contract.

06 – Put some effort into the gift

Try to understand the recipient, because you don’t want to give alcohol or wine as a gift to a recovering addict. Put some effort and thought into it, instead of picking the first item you come across in the supermarket.
Your recipient will appreciate it even more, when they can see that you clearly thought about them, their needs, and their current situation.

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05 – Be honest

If you can’t afford to get gifts for your friend, family, or partner, be honest about your situation. They’re human and will understand when times are tough. If you get a gift, accept it and be honest that you don’t have a gift.
Appreciate what you get and, if possible, make up for it later on when you can. However, it’s not an obligation, so don’t pressure yourself to get a gift even when you know it’s straining your resources.

04 – When regifting eliminate all traces of the original giver

No one wants to feel that they’re being given a gift that was intended for someone else. It makes you feel like the person didn’t put enough thought into getting you a gift.
If you got a gift that you probably have no use for, but your friend does, you can rewrap it and gift it to the friend. However, try to eliminate the traces of the original giver before handing it to your recipient.

03 – Stay within your means

Don’t go all out to impress a friend, family member or lover, when you’re struggling to keep afloat. Instead, get them a gift that they’ll appreciate but doesn’t cost you as much.
If you opt to give expensive gifts, make sure that it matters and that the recipient deserves it. This is because you don’t want to be stuck in a situation where the recipient expects expensive gifts during similar occasions.

02 – Adhere to proper party etiquette

If you’re invited to parties such as baby showers, weddings, house warming, etc. it’s the norm to carry a gift. It doesn’t need to be expensive; you can get a wine bottle for a wedding, a canvas print (available here https://www.photowall.com/canvas-prints) for a housewarming party, etc.
You’re not obligated to offer a gift, but it’s custom to show appreciation to the host.

01 – Gifts are not obligatory

You don’t need to give gifts to everyone; some just want to spend quality time with you. Try to understand what’s needed at the moment, instead of spending too much on an unnecessary gift.