10 Most Important Things for a Professional Business Image

In the world of business there are 3 basic fundamentals that are used to evaluate every manager and CEO. Reputation and history is a hard one through experience, Education and social circles are long established and difficult to change, but the most obvious even to those unfamiliar in a field is the image they project. Image means more to the businessman than perhaps any other attribute that can be changed or influenced at will.

10 – Business Suit

Business Image Classy Suit
Classy Suit

The expected business suit is more than a uniform to a businessman. Its cut and quality define both professional taste and style. It is not only how the suit is worn that portrays an image, but the willingness to take the jacket off to signify they are about working hard as well as looking good.

09 – Haircut

While in most jobs 2 or 3 weeks between haircuts is more than acceptable, a top level business image cannot tolerate unruly hair or touching the ears and maintain a best impression. The observer may not be able to identify what it is but they will sense a lack of attention to detail.

08 – Shoe Polish

In most of the world patent leather or casual shoes with no need for polish are the norm. In the business world patent leather screams cheap or fake, the last two things you want somebody to be thinking when they meet you.

07 – Business not Formal

Many aspiring entrepreneurs have never learned the difference between business wear and formal wear. Contrary to the inexperienced eye may think, formal shirts and shoes are no more appropriate at a business meeting than a tuxedo in the office.

06 – Brief Case

The brief case gets a lot of attention. The dramatic opening and closing used to control the room for brief moments will not be as effective with worn vinyl corners. The difference of well-aged leather and brass over shiny vinyl from the big box stores makes everything said after opening gain or lose importance.

05 – Phone

Blackberry Porsche Design
Blackberry Porsche Design

It will neither impress people you have the latest phone nor make them think worse if it is a Blackberry 5 years old. The ringtone being anything but a bland professional or having it ring at an inappropriate time however will destroy a carefully crafted image.

04 – Athletic Wear

Meetings on the Golf Course or the hotel fitness center are commonplace. The appropriate trending golf trousers will say you are serious about your pastimes as well. In business you want it clear you are serious about everything you do.

03 – Language

How you speak is as important as what you say. Use of profanity and poor word selection has people listening to the words and not the meaning or intent.

02 – Manners

A strong and confident person has no problem following basic rules of etiquette and they should come naturally. Rude comes across as rude, not strength.

01 – Poise

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

The most important way to build image in the business world is by showing poise. Losing your temper or looking panicked immediately has all in a room looking for more level headed guidance.