10 Most Easy Ways to Make a New House a -Home-

If you are moving home with a reputable removal company, the moving process should be relatively stress free. However, this still doesn’t guarantee that once your boxes are moved in that your new house will feel like a home.

10 – Add your Signature Scent

Infusing your new home with the scents you love the most can make each room more inviting. Candles and scent diffusers can erase the odours left by previous owners.

09 – Create a Chalk Board Wall

A chalk board wall adds a personal touch to any home. Create one in the kitchen and use it to write your favourite recipes on or leave notes for other members of the family.

08 – Fill it up with Furniture

Empty rooms will automatically make your home feel impersonal so filling the rooms with your own furniture will make you feel right at home.

07 – Get Comfortable

A few home comforts can help you settle in to your new home. A comfortable throw for your sofa for example can help you feel at home.

06 – Personalise it with Pictures

Bare white walls make a house feel empty and the easiest way to make your house feel homely is to fill this space. Print out a few of your favourite family photos and put them in pretty frames. Dot them around your home or put them all in one place to create a feature wall.

New House
New House

05 – Make Appliances a Priority

When you move in to a new house, it is hard to prioritise future purchases. Regardless of the amount of furnishings and home accessories you need, focus on appliances first so you can do the essentials such as making a cup of tea.

04 – Make Memories

One of the best ways to make a house feel like a home is to invite friends and family over and start making memories.

03 – Mow the Lawn

An overgrown garden can make a home look unkempt. Dig out your mower and get to work.

02 – Throw Down a Door Mat

Having an open door policy can ensure that your house is always filled with your favourite people. Putting down a welcome mat will add a homely touch from day one.

01 – Unpack your Favourite Things First

Unpacking all of the boxes from your old house can be quite a challenge. Unpack your favourite items first as this will make settling in easier.