10 Most Simple Ways to Make your Bed a Focal Point

If you want to re-design your room, you can add a different dynamic simply by creating a fabulous focal point. Creating a bed that makes a statement is simple; here are 10 ways to make your bed the main focus of the room.

10 – Upgrade It

A single bed is never going to look as striking as a king size bed so if you really want to make a difference to your room, it is wise to upgrade your small bed for a larger more luxurious design.

09 – Have a Headboard

If you really want a bed that is truly unique, why not have a bespoke headboard designed?

08 – Add Artwork

If you don’t want to invest in a headboard, a statement piece of art can be just as mesmerising.

07 – Get Techy

If you have cash to splash, have your favourite technology built in to your bed design. Beds with built in televisions are becoming more and more popular and are set to be a huge home décor trend in 2013.

06 – Go Faux

Browse the pages of Pinterest for inspiration and you are sure to find a whole range of jaw dropping designs. Faux leather beds are set to be a popular décor trend that complements contemporary style bedrooms well.

Focal Point Modern Bedroom
Modern Bedroom

05 – Move It Around

If you want to create a focal point in your bedroom, the first thing you need to do is look at the positioning of your bed. Does it take centre stage? Your bed should be the first thing that catches your eye when you enter the room and having your bed in a central position can help you achieve this.

04 – Use Lighting

If you want to make your bed stand out, pendant lighting at either side of your bed will create instant impact.

03 – Choose Contrasting Colours

If your bed blends into the rest of your room, you can make it stand out simply by investing in some new bedding. If the rest of your room is decorated in neutral colours, add a pop of colour with neon bed linen. If you don’t want to choose bedding in one block colour, tone it down and choose bedding that boasts neon accents. By using contrasting colours you will ensure that the bed stands out from the rest of the room.

02 – Take a Step Up

If you want to put emphasis on a particular piece of furniture such as the bed, you could elevate it by using a couple of steps.

01 – Make it Luxurious

Luxurious linens, plush pillows and a striking bed spread can turn an average bed into something spectacular. If you want to draw as much attention to your bed as possible, designer bedding will add more than a little glamour to your room.