10 Most Spectacular Bedroom Decor Fails

Tired of looking at the same old bedroom? If you want to decorate your bedroom, better read below 10 decor fails before you fall in one.

10 – Bad Lighting

Lighting is often an afterthought but the lighting you choose can make or break a room. Good lighting will make your room appear spacious and welcoming and can create a positive ambiance so be sure to choose the right lighting option.

09 – Clashing Colours

Choosing complementary colours is often the toughest part of the home décor process. Get it wrong and you will have a major colour clash on your hands.

08 – Forgetting a Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point and when it comes to decorating your bedroom, the bed should always be the star of the show. Brass and Nickel beds are guaranteed to make a stylish statement.

07 – Hanging Curtains Too Low

Hanging your curtains too low can make a room seem smaller and it will also block some of the natural light from pouring through your window. Hang curtains as high as possible and this will make your ceilings appear higher and result in a lighter room.

06 – Hanging Pictures too High

Picture frames should be hung in relation to the other pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Hanging pictures too high is a common décor fail but if you choose frames of a similar size, it becomes less of a challenge.

Decor Fails Modern Bedroom Furniture
Modern Bedroom Furniture

05 – Pattern Overload

Too many patterns in one place are an undeniable home décor fail. Try to pick one décor trend as less is definitely more in this case.

04 – Poor Furniture Placement

Placing all of your furniture against the walls of your room is a major home décor fail that many homeowners are guilty of.

03 – Outdated Accessories

Bedroom accessories make a house a home but if your room contains items that were on trend over ten years ago, it’s time to get rid. Swap lava lamps, beanbag chairs and novelty knickknacks for chic and timeless home furnishings.

02 – Substandard Storage

Without the proper storage, your bedroom will never be clutter-free. Clever storage solutions can create the illusion of space. If your bedroom cabinets and wardrobes have reached their maximum capacity, open shelving can be a welcome addition to keep clutter at bay. You can ensure that everything has its place from books to makeup and jewellery.

01 – Visible Clutter

Your bedroom is supposed to be the most relaxing room in the house but if every surface is cluttered, your room with feel more chaotic than calm.