10 Most Obvious Signs You’re a Hoarder

There is a big difference between feeling a strong attachment to your most prized possessions and being unwilling to let go of every magazine and newspaper you have ever bought. Are you a Hoarder?

10 – You Have Clothes that you Owned when you were in High School

It’s perfectly normal to hang on to that t-shirt that has sentimental value or even your first pair of lucky pants, but if you still have a wardrobe full of clothes you wore in High School, it’s time to send them to a new home.

09 – You Can No Longer Get into Bed

We’ve all had a messy room from time to time but if your possessions are starting to take over your living space, your messy ways may be pointing towards hoarding tendencies.

08 – Your Clutter Has No Value

The type of clutter that can be found in your home says a lot about you. If your room is cluttered up with broken ornaments, magazines that are over two years old or broken jewellery, you could be heading for hoarder status.

07 – You Can’t Put your Belongings in Storage

If you have had to downsize your home or perhaps your family has expanded, self storage from somewhere like Access Self Storage can provide you with a simple solution. Not being able to part with your belongings temporarily is a sign that you could be a hoarder.

06 – You’re Overly Defensive about your Belongings

Laughing off the pleas of others to clean up your messy ways is one thing. Getting overly defensive and cutting out the people who try to help from your life should set alarm bells ringing.

Hoarder Books

05 – You Stop Having Friends Over

Preventing people from entering your home is a classic sign of hoarder’s shame. If you are beginning to be embarrassed by the state of your home, it could be time to have a clear up.

04 – Your House Stinks but you Still Can’t Clean Up

Many hoarders build up such a collection that cleaning becomes impossible.

03 – You Go to Car Boot Sales Weekly

Is your love of finding a bargain out of control? Buying new things but never getting rid of your old belongings is classic hoarding behaviour.

02 – You Believe there is Hidden Treasure Amongst the Wreckage

You could be a hoarder if you genuinely believe that your collection of worthless brick-a-brack actually is rather valuable.

01 – You Make Piles of Things to be Dealt with Later

Telling yourself that you will tidy up tomorrow is a common way of thinking for hoarders.
Are you a hoarder or do you live with one? This article can help.