10 Most Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

One of the most popular drinks around now is Green Tea. Originally drunk all around Asia and China in particular, it now is enjoyed all over the world. If you want a change from normal tea, then you could certainly do worse than this. With a unique taste and refreshing effect, it is perfect for anytime of day or after a meal.
Did you know that Green Tea also packs a healthy punch too? Many drink it for these health benefits and the restorative effect it can have on the body. If you do not know just what this amazing drink can do for you, here are the ten most surprising health benefits it delivers. Much of the secret lies in the way Green Tea is processed to keep more of the good stuff inside.

10 – Weight Loss

Obesity and people generally being over weight is becoming a massive global issue. Not only does it put undue pressure on a countries medical services to treat the related diseases, but it is also very bad for people’s personal health. Obesity can be linked with many diseases which could shorten your lifespan. Green Tea contains Polyphenol which boosts your body’s metabolism. This in turn helps your body to burn calories faster and increases the ft oxidization levels inside your system. The net effect is that you burn off fat and calories at a faster rate to help lose weight.

09 – Diabetes

Another health benefit of Green Tea that many believe in is helping to manage or avoid Diabetes. This is another very common illness globally and one that many millions of people suffer from. The ingredients in Green Tea help you to regulate Glucose levels in your body and slow the rise of blood sugar after eating. This helps your body to then avoid insulin spikes in response which is the cause of Diabetes.

08 – Heart Disease

Heart disease is a big problem that affects many people. A combination of poor diet and stress can lead to complications with this vital organ and a shortening of your life expectancy. Green Tea has been shown to help protect the important blood vessels around your heart to keep it healthy. The ingredients in the tea allows them to stay more relaxed and react in a better way to changes in blood pressure that may occur. Clots are also thought to be prevented with regular Green Tea consumption which is another major threat to heart health.

07 – Alzheimer’s Disease

This mental illness is becoming an increasing problem across many developed countries. It sees the cells and brain pathways become damaged over time to affect the sufferer’s memory and cognition. As such, a cure is being sought and many think this kind of tea could help. Research on mice has found that Green Tea helped to repair damaged brain cells and stop others from dying. If this effect is the same in humans, then it would be a real breakthrough in treating this illness.

06 – Tooth Decay

No-one likes going to the dentist really – mainly because of the possibility of having teeth out or a filling! It would be so much simpler if there was an effective way to help prevent tooth decay along with regular brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. A compound called Catechin in this tea has been shown to do just this by destroying the bacteria that can live in your mouth.

05 – Depression

All teas have a compound called Theanine in them. This is an ingredient that helps to make you feel good and can be great for your mental health. Green Tea has lots of Theanine in and regularly drinking it can really boost your mood. This is a natural substance found in the tea leaves and one that really helps to make Green Tea superb for keeping you in a good place mentally.

04 – Skincare

One big part of modern life for men and women now is fighting the signs of aging. Many people will try to keep age a bay as they grow older to keep looking younger. Full of anti-oxidants, Green Tea is the ideal answer to this problem. The anti-oxidants help to fight the effects of daily life on your skin and protect it. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to keep skin looking plump and fresh. Compared to buying expensive pots of cream, this tea is a much better solution.

03 – Cancer

Cancer is something affects more and more people now. Even if you have not personally experienced it, you will no doubt have known family or friends who have. While not a total cure, Green Tea has been shown to help fight certain types of cancer. The anti-oxidants in this tea help to stop cells getting damaged which is what causes most cancers. Prostate cancer and Breast cancer are two major types that studies have shown positive results for when patients drank Green Tea as part of an overall treatment plan.

02 – General Health

Of course, feeling health in your daily life is not all about combatting serious illnesses or conditions. For most of us, it is having that healthy feeling in our bodies and not be constantly battling colds or feeling under the weather. Green Tea contains bioactive compounds that are great at helping your immune system to stay strong, your body to fight bacteria and keep you healthier. This is great for having the energy to live your life to the full and not be tired all the time.

01 – Can Make You Smarter

As well as being good for your mood and health, Green Tea could also make you smarter. The main reason for this is the levels of caffeine found in it. They are not as high as coffee to avoid the jittery effect this drink can bring but still enough to help stimulate your mind. Caffeine can really help in making your brain function better and the levels of it in this tea have been shown to help you think quicker.

Although it will not provide overnight results, regular green tea drinking could really help you stay healthier and live longer. It can also help you lose weight and prevent serious illnesses. While it is key to not drink too many cups per day, one or two could be just the tonic you need to feel amazing.