10 Most Brilliant Essay Writing Hacks

It is not very easy to write a superb essay, as it requires a lot of skills and analytical work. This is a pretty common type of assignment in any college, yet a lot of students struggle with completing it is a perfect way. Some of them choose to order essays for sale to be sure that they get the best grade as it is an investment in their future. However, it is perfectly possible to improve one’s writing skills and create an amazing paper with these well-thought tips!

10 – Plan your time and start early

Yes, students told a lot that the key to success is time management, yet a lot of them forget about it. Start a calendar where you put in all your assignment and due date and set up a reminder in two weeks and one week before the deadline. By doing so, you can be sure you won’t forget about it and won’t have to order essays for sale last minute. Starting early helps to devote more time to research and preparation and helps to understand the assignment.

09 – Read and analyze the assignment carefully

It is important to know what questions you are to answer with your paper. Analyze carefully the given assignment, the requirements, and the topic if it is given. What type of essay are you to write? What are the requirements for style and formatting? It is crucial to know it all before you start working as the assignment defines the research and further steps.

08 – Conduct research

First of all, make sure you are using only relevant and scientific sources. When working with them underline the key thoughts so you can easily find them and reference later. Try to make a plan of gathered information, organize it on a sheet of paper, what are the main argument and key data. According to your research, you can organize your ideas and outline a draft of the future paper.

07 – Derive inspiration from examples

Find several examples of perfect essays and read them carefully. Look at the author’s style, how they present a statement and follow it up with arguments. Is the author’s flow logical? How is the paper organized? How are the arguments presented and supported? You may also highlight some strong points, phrases, or constructions that you might use in your work.

06 – Be aware of plagiarism

It means be careful with your citations and references, do not take other people’s words without giving them credit. Plagiarism is a serious case, and it influences a grade dramatically. Whenever you make a statement that is not general knowledge, make sure you reference a source. Another good tip is to check your paper on plagiarism using free online software.

05 – Create a draft of your paper

It is time to line up your ideas, do not put much effort into the introduction or the conclusion right now, just make an outline of your thoughts and arguments. Simply write down everything you have to say on the topic to make sure you don’t miss anything. Make sure that all arguments are given in logical order.

04 – Write another draft or even two

If you have a lot of experience, you might skip this step, but it is important to see your flow of ideas. Maybe after the first draft, you can see how the structure of your paper can be better. Be sure that the idea of an essay is clear and easy to follow, that the introduction and conclusion are relevant, and you have a strong thesis statement.

03 – Make your thoughts clear

Language is an amazing tool to present ideas, so be sure you’re using it right. Do not use terms you are not sure about, and better search for their definitions. Use active voice and verbs, follow the same tone and style throughout the text. An essay is limited in words, so be sure you are not sloppy with them, and try to be as concise as you can. You might print out your draft and read it through to eliminate all unnecessary words.

02 – Format and grammar check

It is time to check all the formatting requirements, margins, works cited, etc. make sure that everything is on top; there are no mistakes of any kind. Use a spell check, look through citation format requirements, and make sure you follow them.

01 – Be creative

Do not follow an easy path; try to think differently on your topic. Original thinking and innovation are always encouraged in the academic world, so do not be afraid to present a new angle on the topic. If you have a contrary opinion, make it clear and supported by arguments. When it comes to giving an opinion, there is no right or wrong as far as you have a strong argument to support your idea.