10 Most Delicious Whiskies Every Whisky Lover Should Have in Their Collection

Whisky is a distilled alcoholic beverage which is made of different types of grain mash. The flavour, quality, price, and also the name of the whisky, depends on the type of grain it is produced from. Some of the most commonly used grains include wheat, barley, rye, buckwheat, corn etc. Different types of whiskeys are produced from different whole grains using either column stills or pot stills. Even though the process of making whisky is very similar everywhere the taste is different in every part of the world. This is because the method of storing and ageing is different also determines the quality and flavour of whiskey. Whiskey is one spirit, which is loved by the majority of Indian population.
Here is a list of 10 great whiskies and premium liquor brand that every whisky lover should have in their collection.

10 – Rockdove Whisky

Rockdove is premium whiskey which is produced by a newly launched liquor brand in India called Hermes. It offers exquisite flavours which are not just sophisticated but also unforgettable. Specially made for the success-oriented new generation, this whisky is endorsed by discerning professionals for its colour, aroma, as well as taste. Considering the fine taste it possesses, Rockdove will soon become one of the best whisky brands in India.

09 – Old Tavern

Old tavern is not as popular as other whisky brands in India, but enjoys a good share of drinkers in states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. A bottle should cost you anywhere between Rs.150-500, which is highly affordable. Apart from India, the brand is also sold in some African countries.

08 – Royal Stag Whisky

This label is well-known for the exclusive and authentic taste it possesses. The major role of Royal Stag’s success is the complex production process, which comprises of an excellent preparation by merging different liquids together. Not just in India, but this whisky has acclaimed its presence all over the world.

07 – Bagpiper Whisky

This spirit by United Breweries group has made India proud by becoming one of the best in class liquor as well as premixes in India and for also giving a great fight to all imported labels. This whisky comes with a wood-like aroma and has fascinating distillation process to get rid of the molasses. Bagpiper is the first whisky brand in India which started packing Whiskey in tetra packs.

06 – Johnnie Walker Whisky

The most popular Johnnie Walker’s are Green Label, Black Label, Blue Label, Red Label, and Platinum Label. The higher you go in variants, the more you need to pay. The Green label variant has been awarded the great awards in United States for 3 consecutive years.

05 – 8PM Whisky

RadicoKhaitan Group produces this whiskey and it is easily available all across India except the dry states. This whiskey is easily get table in rural areas of India and non-metro cities within the low budget range.

04 – Imperial Blue Whisky

Launched in India in 1997, by Seagram, this whisky is famous for its high quality. It is popular for also producing amazing scotch malts. This whisky can be termed as the best single malt whiskey brand of India. This brand has its bottling plant situated in the Kolhapur city of Maharashtra.

03 – Officer’s Choice Whisky

Also known by its initials, OS, this whisky is quite a famous label which has a subtle and fascinating taste. This is because it is made by indulging in a lot of pre-preparation and by following a lot of procedures. The whisky is the perfect combination of natural spirits and Indian spirits. The taste of this spirit is quite strong, and this makes the tongue richer.

02 – McDowell’s Whisky

Considered the most popular whisky brands in India, McDowell’s No 1 whisky has a huge fan following among Indians. This brand is also a part of United Spirit Flagship and has remained the top choice of Indians for multiple years. The variants of this spirit come in 3 styles: platinum, lastly Reserve, and diet mate. This whisky is definitely considered the best branded liquor in India.

01 – Haywards Fine Whisky

A product from United Breweries group, Haywards Fine Whisky is not just popular in India but also in other African and Middle Eastern countries. The sales graph has been seen climbing the success ladder tremendously. This whisky has an awesome taste and thereby it faces an enormous sales growth every passing year.
Each whisky comes with a distinct taste. There are many great and diverse array of spirits available in India. However, nothing that quite matches up to the whiskies mentioned in the list above, which every whisky lover should have in their collection.