10 Most Significant Differences Between the Lottery in US

We all dream of one day hitting that big score similar to those that we read about happening to others. In fact, over half the US population plays state lotteries throughout the year, so have that very same dream.
However, with so many national and state lotteries to choose from, have you ever looked into the differences between them? Could one lottery give you a better chance of winning? Is another cheaper to play? Will you receive your winnings all in one go? Those are just some questions that many of you may have.
So, if you’re one of those that are hoping to strike it rich one day, you might find these 10 differences between US lotteries interesting. You can use them to decide which is the best lottery for you to play.

10 – The Odds

While most lotteries work in a similar way, you choose some numbers and hope they roll in, the odds will differ. For example, the US Powerball lottery at odds of 1:292,201,338 has lower odds than the US Mega Millions at 1:302,575,350. You can learn about the odds of the lottery US from lotteryamerica.com, An informative site that offers lots of interesting information, tips, and guidance.

09 – The Size of the Jackpots

Jackpots will differ for every lottery draw simply because the jackpot is determined by how many tickets get sold. The only exception is lotteries with a fixed jackpot. Plus, jackpots on some lotteries can increase when the previous draw did not find a winner. That jackpot gets carried over to the next draw.

08 – The Mechanics Used

The two main lotteries operate in a similar way. You pick five numbers between 1 and 69 and one Powerball number on the Powerball Lottery, and five numbers between 1 and 70 and one golden MegaBall when playing the Mega Millions. However, if you play the Lotto America, you just pick five numbers from 1 to 52.

07 – How Many Winners There Are

The number of winners for each draw depends on how many people guessed correctly enough to win one of the prizes. This can vary greatly from draw to draw. Some weeks nobody will win the jackpot while others may see 2 or 3 people share a jackpot win as they all used the same numbers.

06 – How You’re Paid

Another difference is how you get your money when you win. Some will let you win the claim the full amount in one lump sum, while others might pay you a certain amount each day, week, month, or year.

05 – How Many Numbers to Pick

The odds are tied to the different number combinations that each lottery has and how many numbers you have to guess right. Some lotteries will give better odds by reducing the number of numbers to choose from, and how many you have to select and guess correctly.

04 – The Cost

Another difference between many lotteries is the price. Some will cost $1, others $2, and others $5. They are not huge amounts in isolation but added up over a year and it will surprise you how much you spend. That cost might be worth it in the end. One thing is sure, should you win, you will not have to look for and read guides on 10 of the best ways to save money.

03 – The Minimum Age Allowed to Play

Depending on the state you’re in, the age limit for buying lottery tickets can vary. For instance, in Nebraska, you can buy tickets at 19, but in Arizona, you have to be 21. Always check the minimum age before buying, as otherwise, your winning ticket might be null and void.

02 – The Draw Times

This is an easy one. The times at which each lottery draws its numbers will differ. Most major lotteries will have a draw on Saturday and perhaps another during the week on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

01 – Who Can Play Them

The state you live in will determine whether you can even play the lottery. For example, you can play the Powerball and Mega Millions in 45 states across America. Some states consider the lottery as gambling, so will not allow their residents to play. Other lotteries are state-based, which means only people currently in that state can purchase tickets. Lotto America, another popular lottery, is only available to players in 13 states.

Could You Win?

You never know, you might just get lucky and take down a life-changing sum of money. Your only concern, then, is wondering how to spend it. Perhaps you might want to check out the 10 most expensive cars! You have to be in it to win it, so while the odds are stacked against you, there’s always that chance.