10 Most Successful International Lotteries

What makes playing lotteries entertaining and magnetic? Of course, the chance to make a scoop and forget about financial troubles once and for all. But besides that, the possibility to play lottery online contributes greatly to popularizing gambling. You do not have to go to the local gas station to buy a ticket; now you can play any lottery or lotto online from anywhere anytime and keep abreast of all offers, draws and results. The LottoExpress is a licensed reselling agency that does not only provide a user with qualified services but makes gambling safe and secure. Via the LottoExpress you can take your chances in winning any international lottery from any place in the twinkle of an eye. Choose the ticket (single one or combo), then select numbers and pay. The LottoExpress will do the rest. To make your choice of international lottery easier, this post is here to present 10 most successful lotteries to play that you’ll find on the web-site of LottoExpress.

10 – The German Lotto 6/49

The German Lotto 6/49 completes this list of 10 international lotteries and lottos to play. Though, you can find more other options that you like best on the web-site of LottoExpress.

09 – The Canadian Lotto 6/49

The Canadian Lotto 6/49 allows winning a prize provided that just three numbers matched.

08 – British Lotto 6/59

British Lotto 6/59 is the biggest lottery of the United Kingdom. Besides enormous jackpots, it gives real chances to win. Enormous jackpots are at stake.

07 – Australian 6/45

Australian 6/45 is another Australian lotto that is very popular with players. It has one ball set format. The guaranteed jackpot is AU$4 million.

06 – OZ Lotto

OZ Lotto is from Australia. The odds to win this lottery are not bad at all, 1 in 45,379,620. By comparison, the chances to win Powerball are 1 in 292,201,338, and Mega Millions 1:258, 890,850. The minimum jackpot is AU$2 million.

Lotto Coupon
Lotto Coupon

05 – EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot’s draws are always awaited. Each Friday players who prefer this lottery look forward to getting results. EuroJackpot operates in 16 nations and engage about 270 million people. To win EuroJackpot main prize a player’s number should match 5 ones on regular balls from the pool of 50 and 2 bonus numbers.

04 – Spanish Lotto 6/49

Spanish Lotto 6/49 will inspire you to hit the jackpot. According to its rules 6 numbers should match. Those numbers are to be chosen from the pool of 49.

03 – EuroMillions

EuroMillions’s distinctive feature is that throughout the year it commonly has jackpots exceeding €100 million. The maximum jackpot cannot be more that €190 million. Besides regular draws, Euromillions holds Super Draws two or three times a year.

02 – Mega Millions

Mega Millions’s jackpots start with $15 million. Each draw it increases $5 million at least. The MegaPlier option make possible to increase the second prize in 1-5 times.

01 – Powerball

Powerball lottery in North America boasts of its ridiculous jackpots.  $1,6 billion jackpot recently won is the most considerable evidence of how tremendous the lottery is. In case if only 5 numbers match, the prize of $1 million is worth trying it too.
The geographical location does not matter for players who are eager to win the money price. Any international lottery is available now and gives fair field and not favor for residents and nonresidents.