10 Most Mind-Blowing Time Travel Stories

In the world of human invention, time travel has been a lofty ambition that scientists have strived for. Officially, this has always been without success and no Government around the world has ever announced they can travel through time. But what if this was not true?
More and more stories have surfaced in recent time of people who have been sent back or forward in time in the present day by military programs. They claim that time travel has been available to certain countries for many years and secretly used without the public knowing.
Here are the ten most out there time travel stories of recent times.

10 – John from the Year 4000

To kick us off, we have a man named only as John who claimed to have travelled back to the present time from the future. The year 4000 to be exact! He went public to claim he had arrived from the future years ago and had been living in the present day since then. His mission apparently was to keep an eye on the rise of AI in society as it could lead to problems for the whole of humanity in the future. As well as this, he showed pictures of futuristic un-manned cars that were impossible to have an accident in and also told tales of there being no birds at all in 4000.

09 – Edward from 5000

To continue our list, we have another time traveler but this time going from us into the year 5000. Known only as Edward, he went to the press with tales of life in the future which saw LA under water. He said that he was approached a top-secret US Government agency in 2004 to enroll on their time travel program. Upon getting to the year 5000, he found most of the world under water due to the polar caps melting. His tales were intriguing, not only for this, but also the way he described the time travel capabilities that exist right now to us.

08 – Clara from the year 3780

Another time traveler who has cropped up recently was a woman known only as Clara. She claimed to have been part of a secret Government program that sent her into the year 3780 in 2000. This was an interesting story as she said the purpose of her mission was to capture and bring back a piece of futuristic kit to the authorities in the present day. She also claimed that time travel was used regularly by major Governments around the world in 2018 on a regular basis and had been for many years.

07 – Greek time travel

Although most of the claims seem to arise in the USA, it is not only that country that has seen time travel claims crop up. A Greek soldier recently came to the publics attention with tales of the army there sending him into the future. He apparently spent two days in 3207 to ascertain details of a suspected war between robots and humans so he could report back. It is assumed that this would give us now the information to avoid it.

06 – Noah Novak

This is a double time travel story for the price of one! Noah Novak says he was from 2030 originally and sent onto 2070 for un-named purpose. What is interesting here is that he then met himself in 2070 (40 years older naturally) and both Noah Novak’s then travelled back to 2018 to tell us all about it. They also came armed with various predictions including President Trump winning the election in 2020 and the first manned mission to Mars by 2028.

05 – Williams Taylor arrives

This guy surfaced in January 2018 with tales of working as a time-travelling agent for British Intelligence. It got quite a lot of press coverage at the time due to his claim that, by the year 8973, humans no longer existed at all! Taylor had travelled to that year apparently and found half-human, half-robot creatures instead. Taylor claimed that time travel had been available to all the major world Governments since the early 1980’s and they had been using it to manipulate the present ever since.

04 – Georgian Man Travels to 9428

As noted previously, many nations around the world have been experimenting with time travel and Soviet-Era Russia was no different. An ex-Georgian soldier has recently claimed that he time travelled in 1987 as part of a secret Soviet military mission. Apparently, he was sent forward in time to the year 9428 on a fact-finding mission. It seems he was tasked with finding out how the Earth had developed and what any major problems were present that could be avoided with some planning now.

03 – Alien Visitor Gets Stuck On Earth

This is perhaps the most fascinating story of them all as it purports to come from a real-life alien. Known as James Oliver, this creature claimed to be from the year 6491 and had only been visiting Earth on a scientific mission. Unfortunately, his spacecraft broke down and with no way of fixing it, he had become stranded here. It was unclear whether the alien could ever find his way back home to his proper time, but he did warn that humanity was going into its most important phase for many years right now.

02 – W.D. Davies from 2200

When it comes to tall tales involving time-travel, this is one of the best! Known by the name W.D. Davies only, this person claimed to have come back in time from 2200. Arriving with a bag of unknown tablets, he claimed they were food pellets for humans that had eradicated all hunger in the future. Apparently, just one pill could keep a person going for days! He also claimed to be 103 years old as, come 2200, all humans lived to around 200 due to most major illnesses being eliminated.

01 – Warning From The Future

This last time travel story is one of the most disturbing but also funny. In October 2017, a man was arrested for being very drunk in public in Wyoming, USA. When questioned by police, they were amazed by his explanation. The man said that he was a time traveler from the future who had come back to warn us all of a catastrophic alien invasion due for 2018. He then went on to warn everyone present to leave their homes and hide out right away.

As a subject, time travel is one of the most intriguing to think about. Having the ability to go back or forward in time opens up a whole world of possibilities that are simply endless. Whether the stories above are true or not remains to be seen but if they are, it seems time travel really is with us.

*Featured image Reynold Brown [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons