10 Most Curious Unsolved Mysteries

Do you love to read or watch a bone-chilling mystery? Stories of unsolved or unknown instances are a huge source of entertainment. What is amazing and eerie is that the world is full of puzzling, unresolved obscurities. For example, below are the Top 10 Most Curious Unsolved Mysteries in historic, eye-witness, and alleged supernatural occurrences!

10 – House of Blood

House of Blood - Shining
House of Blood – Shining

In Atlanta, Georgia, an elderly couple called the police and reported spots of blood found on their house’s bathroom walls, kitchen, living room, hallways, bedroom, basement, and in a crawlspace under their T.V. They were dumbfounded as they lived alone without pets. Laboratory results revealed the red liquid was indeed human blood, Type O. The couple were both Type A. With no conclusive explanation, the case was dropped. Hoax? Poltergeist? No one knows. The House of Blood does have current occupants.

09 – Louisiana Phantom Whistler

Louisiana Phantom Whistler
Louisiana Phantom Whistler

In 1950, a woman heard wolf whistles outside her bedroom window one night. An intruder broke into her home but nothing came of her report. Then, every night, she heard the same whistling. When she announced her engagement to her fiancé, the whistles turned to a tune of an intimidating funeral requiem. She also began receiving telephone threats of the caller promising to murder her. The Whistler was even heard at her work and at family homes she went to stay at. Her mother received a call where the caller bragged knowing the woman’s whereabouts when she stayed at her fiancé’s house. When the woman married, the instances stopped and the threats were not carried out. The Phantom Whistler’s identity was never solved.

08 – Roanoke


In 1587, a group of 118 pioneers settled on Roanoke Island in the Americas. They aimed to start a new life in a new world. What is curious is that after three years, they all vanished. Due to interactions with Native tribes and a shortage of supplies, historians theorize the settlers were either slaughtered by Native Americans or assimilated into friendly tribes. Others speculate they moved inland or to another island. Some point fingers at supernatural culprits. Regardless, there is no trace of the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

07 – Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship

In 1931, the steamship, Baychimo, was transporting furs to Vancouver when winter blizzards caused the ship to become stuck in ice. It became free two days later, however, continued to be trapped and released for almost two weeks as it traveled. Rescuers were able to transport some of the crew to safety when it became stuck at sea but fifteen members were left behind. A month later, the ship and crew were gone. As time passed, many reports were made of eyewitnesses seeing a ghost ship but no one could catch up to it. The last sighting was reported in 1969. Baychimo continues to remain a mystery.

06 – The Taos Hum

Taos Pueblo, by Karol M.

If you are visiting Taos, New Mexico, you may become familiar with a buzzing noise in the distance. Without knowledge, you might chalk it up to a far-off diesel engine. What is bizarre is that not only is this noise reoccurring but none to this day knows where it comes from! Although you can pick the buzz up with your own hearing, different sound recognition devices have not been able to detect it so far.

05 – Bridge of Death

Bridge of Death
Bridge of Death – Photo of Overtoun Bridge in Scotland

Dog owners in Scotland know not to walk their dogs over the Overtoun Bridge near Dumbarton. Fifty reported dogs have unexplainably leaped to their deaths from the bridge without warning. There have been cases of dogs surviving but no one knows what causes them to jump. Some say it is due to being “spooked” by hauntings as a man threw his infant over the bridge in 1994. Others think the Overtoun is “the thin place”, where earth and heaven are presumed to be close and supernaturally affect dogs who are sensitive to the mystical presence.

04 – The Valentich Incident

The Valentich Incident
The Valentich Incident

Frederick Valentich was a promising pilot on a training flight in 1978. During his flight, he reported to Melbourne air traffic control of an unidentified flying object speedily flying by. Upon being prompted for further description, he managed to say “It isn’t an aircraft. It is…”. Before he could finish, traffic control lost contact with him. Valentich was never found. Suicide? Tragic accident or attack? Alien abduction? Reasoning is without conclusion since there were no traces of Valentich to be found again.

03 – The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is located between three points at Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. You might have heard of it as it is mysterious legend. It is known for many ships to have gone lost at sea and airplane instruments reportedly functioning erratically by pilots. Some scientists suspect explainable reasoning like gas bubbles while other speculate celestial activities. There is currently no solid evidence to conclude anything.

02 – Atlantis

Atlantis – Thomas Cole [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Almost everyone has heard of the Lost City of Atlantis. It widely speculated to have been an actual place were merfolk or perhaps people had once lived. Believers suspect its existence to be true because well-known philosopher, Plato, had expressed stories of Atlantis thriving. But the biggest support comes from sunken artifacts, roads, and building-like objects still being discovered in the ocean.

01 – Antikythera Mechanism

Antikythera Mechanism
Antikythera Mechanism – By No machine-readable author provided. Marsyas assumed (based on copyright claims). [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons
A shipwreck near Greece in 1900 revealed a complex analogue computer, the Antikythera. An elaborate series of bronze gears uncovered the positions of extraterrestrial bodies, at least that is its rationally theorized purpose. The mechanism was created a century before the birth of Christ and ten centuries before involvedness of technology or craftsmanship could compare; 1,600 years before Galileo. The inventor is unknown and confirmation of the Antikythera effectively working is unsolved.