10 Most Important Steps for Becoming a PMP Professional

The Project Management Professional is a globally recognized certificate for the project managers. As competition is increasing, every organization wants to employ the PMP certified employees for the success of the project. They attained a specified knowledge regarding project management principles, rules and standards for completing a project.

PMP certification can be obtained by passing the PMP exam which is a computer based test. A candidate must have completed a high school or a degree and experience of doing projects. The exam consists of 200 questions and they are of multiple choice questions in which one has to choose the correct answer. The result will be announced after the completion of the exam. The PMP exam contains 5 main topics which are as follows:

●Monitoring and controlling the project
●Initiating the project
●Planning the project
●Executing the project
●Closing the project.

The main point is to clear the PMP exam so that you can get better opportunities in your career. Here, we are discussing some tips that will help to get a PMP certification.

10 – Handbook

A handbook is published by Project management institute which helps to get a certificate. This handbook will provide every detail about the PMP exam and how to become a PMP certified professional. All the queries related to the type of exam, questions, topics, applying the exam will be solved through the handbook. It helps to answers all the questions that are in your mind related to PMP certification.

09 – Check the eligibility criteria

To become a PMP certified, one should know the eligibility criteria for getting a certificate. It requires a high school diploma and one should have a minimum 5 years of experience in handling the projects or must have spent 7500 hours directing the projects. If you have a bachelor degree then you must have an experience 3 years in managing project or have spent at least 4500 hours in directing project tasks. In both cases, 35 contact hours of project management training is needed. It can cover all the project management training that is attended by you in your whole life.

08 – Become a PMI member

If you become a PMI member then you will receive a free PDF of PMBOK guide and also get a discount on PMI exam. The discount that is offered is more than the membership fee of PMI. After becoming a member one can join local PMI chapters that offer workshops which help in getting a certificate. By attending these meetings you can get your answers related to PMP exam. It helps in making a group of people in which you can do group study that helps in clearing the exam.

07 – Login for the exam

If we want to get a PMP certification then you must have some time to spend for the preparation of the exam. Before studying for the exam, you have to register yourself with the PMI. Open the PMI site and fill the online form for the exam. Provide each and every detail needed in the application and submit it for the PMI approval. They will check the eligibility criteria and then gives a confirmation number so that one can schedule the exam. PMI doesn’t the test themselves as they use a prometric company for the testing. They have testing centers around the world and you can check the place where you want to give the exam.

06 – PMP preparation book

many books are available in the market for PMP exam but the best is self-study courses and PMP preparation books. These are the resources that help in knowing the detailed knowledge of the topics that will be asked in the exam. These books offer a basic concept and in an easy language that is understandable by the persons easily through live examples of daily experiences. The self-study courses will help in getting a 35 PMI contact hours training which is necessary for appearing in the exam.

05 – PMP workshops

Many colleges and companies offer PMP workshops that help in becoming a PMP certified professional. These workshops are little expensive than local PMI chapters. This workshop will provide the training and makes you understand the concepts of project management. There will be a trainer which helps to answer the query related to the topics of project management.

04 – Sample question paper

The best way to test your knowledge is to do PrepAway PMI PMP Certification Practice Test And Exam Questions sample question paper. The study books cover some question paper at the last that help in testing the knowledge that you have gained. An online PMP exam simulator offers question paper in the same manner as you give a PMP exam. It contains 200 questions for 4 hours. Through this test, you will be able to answer the questions which are good and second starts to disagree with the suggested answers. You can open the study material for review and can learn more in a better way.

03 – Make a plan

To become a PMP professional is not an easy task, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication towards achieving the certificate. Before studying, make a proper plan like the time you spend every day, the chapters covered in a day or sample papers that have to be solved. Try to study with some breaks as it will help to feel fresh at the time when you start studying. Studying for the long hours makes you dull and uninteresting towards the topics.

02 – PMP book guide

It is a reference book that helps in PMP certificate. This guide is very helpful before going for the exam. It has the type of questions that will come in the exam. This help to understand the level of the exam you have to give.

01 – Final exam

Be relaxed before going for the exam. Sleep well the night before the exam, eat properly, take a morning walk to feel relax and fresh for the exam. It will be the best to go 1 hour before the exam. Before exam starts, some tips will be given about how to use the computer and software.

The above points will help to become a PMP professional. These are some tips that guide you for the exam. After every 3 years, you need to activate your certificate.