10 Most Effective Tips For A Virtual Date

There is no doubt that the world is getting more digital with each passing year. We now do a lot more online than we ever did in the past. Of course, this is because performing activities online can be more convenient and more fun. One area of our lives which is now heading online fast is dating. Virtual dates, where two people meet-up via online video call platforms, are rapidly growing in popularity. To get the most out of them though, you must know what to do and what to avoid.
Here are the ten most effective tips for your next virtual date.

10 – Play Some Games

There is no doubt that some virtual dates online can get stilted or awkward. With nothing really happening in the external environment, as it would in a restaurant for example, conversation can dry up. If this happens, having a game to play at hand can be a lifesaver. Playing a game together is not only fun but also gives you plenty to talk about and something to actually do. Whether it is a drinking game or Trivial Pursuit, it is worth keeping in reserve.

09 – Make Your Pet A Secret Weapon

One of the funniest things about video calling online is when people or animals who should not be there wander in suddenly. We have all seen TV news channels were this has happened to a guest they are interviewing. Bringing pets into your virtual date can work really well though, especially if you know the other person is an animal lover. Letting your cat or dog make an appearance can really help you score brownie points and make you look cuter too.

08 – Make Your Intentions Clear

If you are about to embark on a virtual date, it is key to make your intentions clear to the other person. This basically comes down to being honest about what you are looking for. Do not feel bad about this, especially if it does not chime with what your date needs out of a relationship. It is better to get things out in the open, so things proceed in an honest manner going forward. You for example may be looking to settle down for the long-term, while they might be interested in something more casual.

07 – Make Your Interest Known

This can be a tricky part of any date for many people and doing it via your computer screen can make it even harder. This is because the hints you would give in real-life do not always come over digitally. In short, body language and physical touch are not available show your interest on a virtual date. It is key to find ways to signal your interest though – or the other person may not know. For virtual dates, this can be simply telling them clearly that you like them, find them attractive and enjoy being in their company.

06 – Give Them Compliments

This is pretty standard for any date and you should certainly do it on a virtual date. Compliments show that you value your date and also make your date feel good. One great tip though is to avoid focusing only on how they look. Many people now find that shallow and may actually be put off by it. It is fine to tell them they look amazing or you like their outfit but try not to limit your compliments only to looks. Try to find other things to comment positively on, such as their work or previous achievements.


05 – Keep Conversation Light

Everyone knows about the depressing stuff that is happening right now, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people will have spent all day hearing about it or talking about it to friends or colleagues. This means they will probably not want to harp on about it more on your virtual date. They will instead relish talking about other things which are fun, positive and much lighter. This is especially true if it is your first online date with someone. Very often, being too depressing or talking about subjects which are too heavy can backfire.

04 – Tidy Up Your Space!

A top tip for any virtual date is to tidy up the space you will use. No-one is going to be impressed if you have pile of dirty plates, washing or empty takeaway containers visible. They will assume you are a messy, slovenly person and may well decide you are not for them. It is therefore key to take some time before you log on to get rid of any rubbish and make your space look smart. This does not mean you should have nothing on show – a cool movie poster in the background for example shows you are interesting and gives something to talk about. Just don’t leave your space looking cluttered or dirty though!

03 – Get The Lighting Right

This is a factor which is specific to virtual dating. The lighting which you have in the space you use can have a big impact on how it all goes. Natural light is often best but if this is not possible, soft lighting is what you need. It is worth avoiding dark spaces or harsh lighting at all costs. But why is this? In simple terms, lighting affects how you look and how attractive you seem to the other person. A poorly lit space will also be frustrating for the person you are on a virtual date with, as they will struggle to see you or think you are trying to hide something.

02 – Dress Up

Of course, we do not mean you should put on an evening gown or a full suit here – but neither should you show up in your PJ’s! Many people make the mistake of letting the informal way virtual dates happen, influence how they conduct themselves. The golden rule is to dress as you would for a normal date in the real world. This will make you look more attractive to the other person and show that you care enough about them to make the effort. It will also allow you to show off your personality and style via your wardrobe choices. As well as what you wear, remember to get ready as you usually would (i.e. shower, make-up, do your hair). This will make you feel more confident and impress the other person.

01 – Test, Test, Test

Once you have taken all of the above individual tips into account, you must give everything a test run first – before your date! This is so important and something not to miss out on. Doing a quick video test will confirm that your internet connection is working and that your camera/mic is too. It will also let you confirm that you are happy with how your space, lighting and outfit looks. If anything is not right, you then have time to fix it. Overall, this should help your virtual date go with a real bang.
If you are planning on trying out a virtual date soon, the above tips are worth taking on-board. Not only will they make sure you look your best for it but also help the online date itself to succeed. As dating begins to head more and more in this direction, knowing how to get the most from virtual dates is essential.