10 Most Popular Social Media Management Tools

Let’s face it; social media is a jungle, and navigating it can be a downright challenge! That’s where social media management tools come in, making your life easier and your business’s online presence shine. With features like analytics, reporting, and workflows, these tools are the secret weapon of savvy entrepreneurs. So buckle up, folks, as we dive into the top 10 social media management tools that’ll help you boss up your online game!

10 – Edgar

Edgar takes a unique approach to social media scheduling. In uses artificial intelligence to group your content into categories, it then assigns those categories different time slots and then posts your content according to those time slots.

The biggest drawback is that it only has these features available for an incredibly limited 3 social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

09 – Crowdfire

This software developed itself from effectively a follow/unfollow bot into a full blown social media marketing strategist. These day, it doesn’t just automate following or unfollowing it can schedule and publish posts, but it is sorely lacking in features when compared to its competitors.

One great feature of Crowdfire is the auto-DM capability. This means you can greet new followers with a welcome message, with a link to your products or services which can obviously generate sales.

08 – CoSchedule

As its name suggests this social media management tool is very heavy on the scheduling side when it comes to features. The whole dashboard is a large calendar which allows you to schedule posts for months (and years) in advance.

The CoSchedule blog is actually one of the top marketing blogs around in its own right, so you know that the guys who created this software know what they are talking about.

07 – Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is often described as Slack meets Hootsuite. Whilst this is still primarily a social media management tool, with scheduling, analytics, social listening, and engagement reports all available. This platform is famed for its team-working ability.

Great for agencies, this software allows individuals to be assigned specific tasks for specific social channels. It also has the ability to manage YouTube accounts which is not the case with of lot of the competitors listed here.

06 – Social Pilot

With a price point at $100 per month for up to 200 social media profiles this software is certainly good value for money. However, that price comes at a sacrifice, as it is missing many of the features of its competitors.

One thing in favour of Social Pilot is that it has an innovative dashboard which puts everything in one window pane, allowing to quickly analyse everything without having to constantly click in and out of different tabs.

05 – Sendible

Sendible was created with agencies in mind, so it’s a good choice if you are managing accounts of multiple businesses all at once. A cool feature of Sendible is you can set your best performing posts to be automatically re-added to the queue at a later date to continue its success.

It also includes a CRM feature which allows you to track your progress with potential clients through social media using this software.

04 – Sprout Social

At the more expensive end of the spectrum is Sprout Social, but that added cost does come with a massive range of features. It doesn’t just do scheduling, it has a wide range of monitoring and analytics too.

Although there are a huge range of features where Sprout Social falls down is the fact that it only caters for 5 social media platforms.

03 – Hootsuite

Probably the most well-known social media management tool on the market, Hootsuite was the first to accommodate the bulk scheduling which saves users so much time when trying to manage multiple social channels.

It also has a nice little hashtag listening feature for twitter, this allows you to form a feed full of tweets relating to one hashtag so you can then go and interact with users tweeting on that subject.

02 – Buffer

Buffer was one of the first on the scene for this market. Whilst at the cheaper end of the pricing spectrum for social media management tools, the price soon increases as you start to add more accounts and more features.

For instance, if you want to use its new reply feature which allows you to reply to your social media fans whilst remaining on buffer, you are looking at over $400 a month.

01 – PublBox

PublBox one of the newest kids on the block in the social media management game. It packs all of the usual features of a social media scheduler including the ability to manage up to 15 social media accounts all at once.

But where it stands out is with its content strategy features, you get your own personal content strategist and over 1,000 engaging templates to choose from to craft the perfect social media post.

There you have it, the top 10 social media management tools to make your business’s online presence truly stand out. Armed with these powerful tools, you’ll be a social media wizard in no time, effortlessly juggling analytics, reporting, workflows, and more. So, go ahead and give these tools a whirl – your business’s online success is just a few clicks away!


What is a social media manager?
A social media manager is a tool or platform that helps businesses manage their social media accounts, track performance, schedule posts, and analyze results.

How do analytics and reporting features help in social media management?
Analytics and reporting features provide insights into your social media performance, allowing you to make informed decisions, optimize content, and improve engagement with your audience.

What are workflows in social media management tools?
Workflows are processes that streamline and automate social media tasks, such as content approval, publishing, and team collaboration, saving time and increasing efficiency.

How can social media management tools benefit my business?
Social media management tools help businesses save time, improve content quality, boost engagement, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their social media strategy.

Are there free social media management tools available?
Yes, many social media management tools offer free plans with limited features or trial periods for businesses to explore their options before committing to a paid plan.