10 Most Useful Tips for Amazon Startups

Amazon selling may sound super appealing, but before you jump in, there are several things to know. The Amazon selling world is tougher than it appears, so you need to do your research thoroughly.

Here are some of the arrows you will need in your Amazon selling quiver. –

10 – Sign Up for a Seller Course

Your best bet to hit the ground running is to enroll in a seller course. Do your research, look for the best Amazon FBA course, and get ready – these seller courses will be a whirlwind of information.

The courses teach you how to become and remain competitive, which is not easy in a market as competitive as Amazon’s FBA program. You’re competing with literally hundreds of thousands of sellers from around the world.

Don’t get left in the dust – sign up for a seller course or regret not doing so.

09 – Select a Product That Sells Well

You may have a product in mind you’d like to sell, but look at what’s popular before you commit. You will save yourself a lot of time, money, and anxiety by choosing well.

08 – Use Analytics

You can discover the best products to sell, pricing history, and other useful data using analytic tools. There are loads to choose from, such as Splitly or Keepa.

You can see some of this information on Amazon as well.

07 – Set Attractive Prices

While you need to factor in that Amazon takes 25 to 30% of earnings, you will attract more buyers with competitive prices. People often shop online because they are looking for a better deal.

Use analytics as per above to inform pricing.

06 – Know Your Competition

Check what your competitors charge for the same kind of products and beat their prices. You can use the ‘Match low price’ feature on Amazon to keep updating prices based on the competition’s pricing.

05 – Use Quality Product Images

Sub-standard photographs of your product are sure to scare customers. If the deal looks iffy, people will be shy to spend their money with you.

So, do away with any pictures that are blurry, unclear, or have random items in the background.

In the same breath, authentic pictures are more effective than using stock images. So make sure to take clear photographs of your product, and show it off from a variety of angles. Use a plain background, so the focus is on your item.

04 – Leverage Amazing SEO

Having good SEO will help buyers find your product. It’s essential to use exceptional keywords to do this. You can start by using keywords on your product page surrounding:

  • Item description
  • Brand
  • Kind of material
  • Colors
  • Sizes

Once you’ve done this, use Amazon’s keyword tool to boost visibility even further. You can filter this through to your social media platforms as well. Just remember, you cannot drive traffic from Amazon to your product website.

Using Amazon’s marketing services tool is also a great way to improve the visibility of your product.

03 – Fine-tune the Supply Chain

You never know, your product may be a hit and may fly off your product page. Make sure you have enough stock that your ordering system from your supplier is efficient and that you iron out your shipping operations.

You also need to ensure customers can make item returns easily.

02 – Own the Buy Box

By having reasonable pricing, sufficient stock, and good ratings and reviews, you’ll have a chance to have your product in the Buy Box. This box is where your product pops up in a box (visibility), and customers can start purchasing immediately.

01 – Strive to Improve

To be a successful seller, never get complacent. It’s best always to strive to make your enterprise more efficient, with better pricing and top quality products.

In Closing

There is so, so much more to Amazon selling. Make sure you do in-depth research before you get started and consider an Amazon selling course to put you on the right track.