10 Most Important Things to Do to Make Your Corporate Event Successful

Everyone wants to their event to be successful. They want to host an event that works in achieving its goals, whatever they may be, and they also want their guests to have a good time.
Starting off with the right type of planning is essential in getting your event headed for success. With that in mind, here are the ten most important things you can do to make your corporate event fulfil its goals.

10 – Know the Purpose of Your Event

Different types of events have different purposes. If you are hosting a fundraiser, you may have a specific monetary goal you are looking to reach. If you are doing a product launch, you want to educate people about your product to boost sales. In some cases, you may just be looking to host a fun event that will build loyalty among your workers.
Whatever the goal of your event is, it should be clearly stated to your event management team and every step of your planning should work to fulfil that goal.

09 – Plan Your Guest List

When planning your guest list, you should be targeting people that will be interested in the goal of your event. You may consider having your event open to the general public or you may want to create a more exclusive guest list that target donors and customers. Whatever the case may be, targeting the right people will help make your event successful and ensure a good turnout.

08 – Get the Word Out

Another way to ensure a good turnout for your event is to get the word out. The marketing of your event is very important and should not be overlooked.
Fortunately, the age of technology has given us many convenient ways to publicize events including web sites, social media and email. Old fashioned methods like printed ads, posters, fliers and invitations can be effective as well. Snail mail invites also add a personal touch.

07 – Get a Strong Team Together


The right team can make all the difference when it comes to an event that is successful or one that is a flop. This starts by getting a crew with strong event management skills together. You want to gather an assortment of people that can cover all your bases so be sure to get a combination of strong creatives as well as those with a good business/marketing sense.
Beyond that, you will also need to hire vendors such as musical entertainment, caterers and florists. These should be reliable people that you can trust to do a good job and who will be able to innately understand what you are looking to accomplish at your event.

06 – Make a Comprehensive Event Planning Checklist

One of the first steps in event planning will be creating an event planning checklist. A checklist will ensure that all your bases are covered, and it will keep you on a timeline that will prevent you from missing your deadlines.

05 – Get the Logistics Right

Getting guests to attend your event is half the battle. Once they arrive, it is up to you to make sure they have a great time. That way your event will be the talk of water cooler gossip helping to spread the word about your terrific parties and the company behind them. This will ensure increased attendance in the future.
Logistics will be the first thing to address in seeing to it that everyone has a good time.
Make sure that everyone can park easily and that there is no confusion when entering your event. If guests come in frustrated, your party will not be off to the best start.
When thinking of food, make sure there is enough for all you guests and that your caterers are experienced in food safety. Be sure the food they make is right for your event and fits the dietary restrictions your guests may have.

04 – Keep Your Guests Engaged


After your guests are situated, you will want to make sure their experience is as enjoyable as possible. The activities you have planned will have a lot to do with that.
An engaging speaker will be perfect for educating your guests while keeping them entertained. You can also provide games for kids and adults, musical entertainment and online supplemental events via social media such as live chats and streams.

03 – Giveaways

Everyone loves getting free stuff. Make sure your guests get a nice goodie bag when they leave your event.
And while raffles and silent auctions may not provide your guests with free merchandise, they you’re leave your guests satisfied knowing they got a bargain on a valuable item and while supporting a great cause.

02 – Document Your Event

Be sure there are plenty of people on hand to take pictures, video and even written accounts of your event. You can share images on social media to spread the word about your company and your cause.
Getting quotes from speakers and attendees is also a good idea as these can be useful in writing up blogs that cover the event.

01 – Review Your Event

Even if your event is a success, there is always room for improvement.
After your event is over, assess it carefully to determine what worked and what didn’t. This will give you the information you need to make your future events even more successful.
Event planning is not easy but hopefully this article has given you some tips that will ensure your event planning is successful. What do you do to make sure your events are the talk of the town?