10 Most Common Essay Writing Mistakes

Writing is a skill which is mastered over time. The application of the skill varies on the message and the intended audience. Some writing mistakes often affect the content and therefore writers must try their best to avoid them. This article details some of the common essay mistakes and how students can avoid them and learn how to write a great essays. Also it is very important to use paper writing service from paperwriter.

10 – Structural Mistakes

Structural mistakes in writing are those which affect sentence structure and its intended meaning or that which affect the general appearance and presentation of the whole text. Poor paragraph division or total absence of paragraphs also amount to structural mistakes which ought to be avoided in writing. If an essay does not have a clear structure, it will definitely fail to deliver.

09 – Not Catchy Title

The title is an important part of the essay. It gives the reader a glimpse of what the essay is all about. If the title is too long or not catchy, the reader will not even bother to read your essay however good it may be. Ensure you create a catchy title with least possible of number words that paints a picture of the contents of the essay. To have a catchy title, ensure you have keywords in the title whilst keeping it short and to the point. The wording of a title can be the difference between a widely red article and an article that fails to gain traction. Thus, word your title aptly and suggestively featuring keywords to arouse interest of the reader to go through your writing.

08 – Too Many Clichés

Using too many clichés in your writing is boring. Clichés are overused words or phrases that could are used repetitively in an article. Students are advised against using clichés as they lower the quality of their work. Clichés also show possible lack of content that prompts the writer to use filler words and materials to reach expected lengths. Clichés take up significant volume to a text which could be filled with important information relevant to the topic. If writing for blog articles or informal audience, clichés are counterproductive as they show lack of preparedness and poor content delivery which in turn drives audience away from your work.

07 – Repeating the Introduction in the Conclusion

Repeating the introduction in the conclusion is a dumb move that could cost you marks. What is the point of repeating the content you earlier featured in your essay? To avoid repeating your introduction in the concluding paragraph, feature a recap of the main points in the essay. Rewrite the thesis statement rather than importing it in the conclusion. A conclusion should set the topic or subject in a broader concept and redirect the argument rather than re-introducing the introduction paragraph. Good conclusions sum up the article and is drawn from the body paragraphs while introduction is primarily mean to hook the reader to go through the essay. Thus, these two parts of an essay play different roles and should not used interchangeably.

06 – Too much “water”

Too much water is a phrase referring to shallow content which is poorly presented. Over explaining some concepts add water to the essay. To avoid water in your essay, ensure you understand your audience and package the information accordingly. Experts prefer undiluted content that explain concepts clearly. Adding too much water leads to over explaining and the reader skips the content skimming for the other points.

05 – Grammatical Mistakes

Grammatical mistakes in any writing shows laxity and lack of dedication by the writer to author the piece. There are various tools out there that can help reduce grammatical mistakes even for non-English speakers. To avoid grammatical mistakes, a student has to proofread his/her work and generally refine the grammar. He/she can enlist help from a colleague, friend or family to help identify areas where the points are not clearly articulated. Therefore, proofreading is an essential part of the writing process which helps remove grammatical mistakes. Otherwise, an essay with grammatical mistakes lowers the quality of the work and shows lack of preparedness and dedication by the writer to deliver quality work.

04 – Too long sentences

Too long sentences are a common pitfall for writers. Long sentences are prone to many mistakes and reduce the understandability of the content. They commonly become ambiguous because of their length and reduce readability and coherence of the work. To avoid long sentences, structure your content to fit short sentences and avoid conjunctions which lengthen sentences. Long sentences are also poorly punctuated and can bring out the wrong meaning. To avoid all these problems, use short sentences which are clear and contain a single idea.

03 – Skipping the revising process

The revising process is necessary to refine your work and create a masterpiece. Skipping the revising process can lead to delivery of poor quality work and full of avoidable mistakes. Unrevised work is likely to be full of mistakes and such issues affect the readability of the content. Ensure you format your work and package it beautifully for your readers.

02 – Mistakes in punctuation

Punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence. Those writers who overlook punctuation ultimately change some of the intended meaning of the sentence and confuse their audience. Punctuation is thus necessary for readability and coherence. Proper punctuation also adds to the aesthetic value of the article. Punctuation also improves your spelling and grammar. Fortunately, for those who have to type their work there are various tools out there that can help you punctuate and avoid spelling mistakes.

01 – Not Researching the Topic Before Writing

If a writer does not research on his/her topic, the content is very shallow and cannot hook the reader or interest them to continue reading it. The organization of the content is very poor and reduces the aesthetic value of the work. Writing without adequate information on the topic leads to inclusion of clichés and other filler materials which reduce the quality of the essay. The content is always shallow and uninteresting. Lack of research can even lead to irrelevant content and rather than handing in low quality essays, you can enlist help from one of those cheap essay writing services companies to assist you to deliver top-quality work.
Concisely, the above tips help improve your writing skill and master the art of packaging information properly in writing.