10 Most Common Mistakes Made When Sending a Fragile Parcel

Sending a parcel these days is a lot simpler than it used to be. However, that doesn’t mean to say there aren’t things which could go wrong. If you’re looking to send a fragile parcel for example, there are a lot of mistakes you can make which will either potentially damage your goods or end up costing you more to actually send it.
To help you avoid these potential problems, below you’ll discover the 10 most common mistakes made when sending a fragile parcel.

10 – Not adding enough padding

Fragile items will require some level of padding. Failing to add it could lead to the goods becoming damaged in transit. Bubble wrap remains the best padding solution, but you could also use foam pellets or airbags.

09 – Choosing the wrong size packaging

You don’t want the packaging to be too big as this will cost more to send. However, you also don’t want it to be too small either as this increases the risk of damage. So, make sure you’re choosing packaging which is just right for the size of the item you’re sending.

08 – Not shopping around

There are so many different couriers available these days and each offers totally different pricing structures. When it comes to sending specialist parcels, such as fragile ones, you need to make sure you’re getting the best price. So, take advantage of sites which compare parcel delivery costs for you in order to find the cheapest one.

07 – Failing to use a box

While it can be tempting to use plastic packaging to reduce delivery costs, not using a box could lead to the items becoming damaged. So, always use a lightweight, yet strong box.

06 – Packing fragile items together

Fragile items should never be packaged together. They could easily bang against one another, causing damage in transit. So, always pack fragile items separately to prevent potential damage claims.


05 – Weighing the parcel incorrectly

This is a common mistake people make with any delivery. When weighing the parcel to determine postage costs, always do it after the parcel has been fully wrapped. If you don’t, your customers could be hit with additional postage costs upon delivery.

04 – Not reinforcing the box

Fragile items need to be kept in a well-secured box. It’s not always enough to add padding, you also need to reinforce the corners and sides of the box.

03 – Placing the item in the wrong place

Did you know you should place fragile items in the centre of the box? If it’s too near the sides, it could easily become damaged.

02 – Failing to write “This Way Up”

Unless you write “This Way Up” on the box, the courier could unknowingly damage its contents by placing it upside down. Additionally, you should write “Fragile” on the box.

01 – Not sealing the box properly

Finally, not sealing the box properly can be a costly mistake. It’s recommended you use the H-Tape method, placing tape along the centre, then horizontally across.
There are many mistakes you can make when sending a fragile parcel as you can see from the list above. So, if you want to avoid additional costs and potential damages, follow the tips above.