10 Most Common Gym Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Going to gym is becoming one of the most popular activity for today’s generation. Everyone want a good form. Some of us focus on bigger arms or six packs, some of us just wants a quality life. Most of the beginners do some gym mistakes (even i did!) and these mistakes may cause harm to their body or may be annoying for other people. You would not believe how many people make these mistakes every single day.
Check out 10 Most Common Gym Mistakes You Should Avoid Making.

10 – Using Only Machines


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Every modern gym has a lot of modern exercise machines, which are usually crowded with people, waiting for their turn to work out. However, to achieve proper muscle growth your workout routine should not be based on just isolated machine exercises. Include free weights and don’t miss classics like bench press, squats, deadlift and military press.

09 – Bringing your Mobile Phone for Texting

If you are at a gym for a quality workout, the first thing you should forget at home is your phone. Don’t be the douchebag who sits on a bench for 5 minutes updating his facebook status between every set.

08 – Curling in the Squat Rack

Curling in the Squat Rack
Curling in the Squat Rack

Seriously, you really don’t want to curl in the squat rack. You can see memes making fun of these people nearly on every fitness fan pages. Squat Racks are made for squats. Don’t occupy squat racks with your curls.

07 – Too Much Socializing

It is always good to have a workout buddy but too much socializing can waste your time. You should focus on your workout and finish your program in time.

06 – Not Progressing your Weights

When you lift the same weights over and over again, the body has no reason to change. Your goal should be trying to increase your weights over time. Not on every week may be, but you should test and force your body in a month or so.

05 – Not Putting Your Weights Away

I’ve worked in a few different gyms and all had a sign with this rule. In fact, there shouldn’t be a sign about this. Everybody should have some respect to others. Really it doesn’t take much time to strip your plates off the bar.

04 – Ego Lifting


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Ego lifting is a common feature among beginners, who try to look stronger than they actually are, in this way attempting to impress other gym members. You shouldn’t lift more than you can handle. First of all, lift weights you can handle in your program and try to keep the good form.

03 – Working in Front of the Dumbbell Rack

It is as annoying as people curling in the squat rack. You should stand at least 5-6 feet away so other members can get to the dumbbells if you already pick up your pairs.

02 – Ignoring Small Muscles

Your small muscles need to be trained regularly too. For example, you should have strong glutes to stabilize your hips, protect your back when you squat and deadlift. Include moves for your small muscles like rhomboids, glute medius and erector spinae in your program.

01 – Not Warming up Properly


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A proper warm-up prepares the actual muscles you are going to use, and gets your central nervous system fired up. For example, if it is chest day, walking is not enough to warm up. You should prepare your chest for that. Cable machine could help. As a result, you will notice the increase in the weight and reps, also decrease in injury risk.

Of course there are many more gym mistakes people make. I couldn’t list and describe all of them in this article. Please use comments section to share your experiences with us.

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