10 Most Popular App Monetization Platforms

Creating an amazing mobile app is not easy. That being said, in comparison to the challenges of successfully monetizing an app, publishing it seems like the easy part. It’s common knowledge that free apps garner far more downloads than paid ones, so finding a way to monetize your app using in-app advertising is crucial to generating revenue from your app. Here are the top 10 most popular monetization platforms that can help your app start to earn serious money.

10 – Inneractive

Israeli mobile exchange platform Inneractive focuses on providing app publishers with native and video format ads for iOS and Android. They work closely with their publishers to help them integrate advertising into their apps. Some of their more unique offerings include the ability to bid on both RTB and non-RTB demand sources, as well as large mobile partnership network featuring more than 150 mobile partners.

09 – Chartboost

For mobile game developers, San Francisco-based Chartboost is one of the most popular monetization platforms. Their claim to fame is a simple interface and complete user control, so that game publishers can choose which precise ads appear in their mobile games. Their custom analytics tool also easily allows publishers to see which ads are profitable so that they can maximize ad revenue.

08 – Fyber

Fyber, based in Germany, is one of Europe’s leading mobile monetization platforms and is known for its ease of use and transparency. In addition to supporting Android and iOS, they also provide support for Unity and Adobe Air. App publishers are able to have complete command over bidding and the ads which appear in their apps, and Fyber’s dashboard can be used without having to change any of the app’s code.

07 – Mopub

A subsidiary of Twitter since 2013, Mopub has become famous for hosting one of the world’s largest real-time bidding exchanges for mobile ads. The Mopub Marketplace features over 100 demand-side suppliers representing thousands of companies and with its complete transparency publishers are able to successfully choose which ads to appear in their apps.

06 – Leadbolt

Australian Leadbolt is an app discovery and monetization platform who claims to be able to boost publishers’ ad revenue by as much as 300%. They support iOS, Android, and Windows Phone and are able to provide global ad coverage, including in Tier 1 territories. Through using native ads, rewarded video, regular video, and interstitial ads, their developers have an enormous amount of flexibility.

05 – MobFox

MobFox is one of the world’s biggest mobile monetization platforms, boasting more than 25,000 publishers across iOS and Android. MobFox’s mediation SDK combines more than 30 ad networks into a single platform, giving publishers access to a huge amount of advertisers. It’s easy-to-use analytic tool is also considered to be one of the finest on the market these days.

04 – ClicksMob

Supported in more than 150 countries, ClicksMob is a global expert at helping publishers monetize their apps without too much effort. With dedicated account managers, pre-set ad campaigns to choose from, 24/7 telephone support and some of the most comprehensive reporting tools on the market, ClicksMob makes it easy for developers to start to earn revenue without investing too much time into monetization.

03 – Google AdMob

AdMob, founded in 2006 and purchased by Google in 2009, is one of the most popular app monetization platforms. Of course, the Google name is instrumental to that success but AdMob backs up their reputation by being one of the best platforms out there. Drawing on the huge Google advertising network, app developers are given many powerful tools and options to ensure that they are able to make the most of their in-app ads.

02 – Facebook Audience Network

With over 1 billion users, Facebook is a major player in the internet advertising business and with the 2014 launch of the Facebook Audience Network they jumped into the world of mobile advertising. Facebook Audience Network’s features are nearly identical to Facebook Ads, including features such as custom audience, and support banner, interstitial, and native ads across iOS, Android, and Unity mobile platforms.

01 – Appnext

Since its founding in 2012, Appnext has become one of the premier mobile monetization platforms in the world. They not only support iOS and Android, but smaller platforms like Corona Labs, Unity, and Adobe Air, as well. Using a self-serve CPI, developers are able to join the Appnext Community where other developers and ad networks bid directly on their apps. With native, video, and interstital ads all supported, Appnext users get unprecedented flexibility in their monetization and can truly, as the Appnext slogan says, monetize smartly.