10 Most Logical Reasons to Splurge on a Luxury Watch

What are some motivations behind the personal and financial decision to own a luxurious designer watch? If you’re one of the folks who own a luxury watch already, you understand the allure. But what if you’ve never laid down the dollars for a top-of-the-line timepiece? Here are a few real benefits to consider.

10 – Prestige

Nothing says class, culture, and confidence like owning a luxury watch. We live in such an image-conscious society, nurtured and reinforced by pop culture in everything from television, movies, magazines, and books. Why not add that extra flair to your already impressive wardrobe? People will notice, and you’ll be glad they did.


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09 – Individual Style

A unique watch can speak volumes to your personal identity and can even hint at personality traits, values, mood, and yes, style. When the extra effort is spent on a unique timepiece, it can be the defining element that sets you apart from the ordinary. Make a statement. Stand out with luxury.

08 – Attention

Do you talk with your hands while engaged in everyday conversation? You’re not in the minority. Research suggests that people who speak with a variety of hand and arm gestures connect with their audiences on a more humanistic level. What do you think your audience, colleagues, family or friends will first notice during conversation? The extra effort you gave to set yourself apart tells your audience that you take yourself seriously.

07 – Value

No matter how cool a “techie” watch may seem at first, one thing remains true. When it comes time to upgrade to a newer model, the resale value is simply non-existent. Why not invest in something that can be a part of your identity for years to come? Money well spent on a luxury watch can also serve to help finance your next luxury timepiece should you choose to sell it. If not, the opportunity is always there. For example, online dealer WP Diamonds buys luxury watches direct from the public.

06 – Longevity

There’s little argument that you get what you pay for. That’s certainly true in regards to luxury watches. Nearly every designer watch comes with warranties and maintenance packages you just won’t find in a department store. While those watches will serve their purpose for the short term, why be bothered with having to replace the watch when you can simply invest in quality the first time around? Elegance lasts.


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05 – Legacy

With a luxury watch, you’re also investing in something more personal and intimate. When you give it proper care, you can pass it down for generations to come. A designer watch can serve as the perfect family heirloom, sparking memories and feelings from a time long past. Nothing says love and responsibility like a gorgeous, family wristwatch.

04 – Art

Let’s face it. The time and patience it takes to create these brilliant timepieces is an art form. A designer watch is art. With a luxury watch strapped to your wrist, you can admire your art everywhere you go and share that pleasure with everyone that you meet. Luxury watches don’t hang on walls or museums. They become the equivalent of a canvas on your wrist.

03 – Quality

Skilled artisans typically craft luxury timepieces. Standards of craftsmanship are high, and materials in designer watches are more precious and durable than those of their mass-produced counterparts. Luxury watches keep time accurately, often for decades, with only minor tune-ups every five years or so. It’s exceedingly rare for a cheap watch to last a full five years.

02 – Gifts

Luxury designer watches make a truly spectacular gift for special occasions or holidays. Why not surprise that special someone with a gift that will continue to give for years to come? The gift of a luxury watch will speak for itself. This is one of the few gifts you can give that can remind the recipient of your generosity so often and for so long.


By Speake-Marin (Speake-Marin) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

01 – History and Tradition

Purchasing a luxury watch means purchasing a piece of the rich tradition associated with its brand. Famous, long-time watchmakers such as Rolex, Cartier and TAG Heuer have their own unique histories, and owning one of their pieces makes you a part of it.

Considering their lasting value, social status, and simple enjoyment of the wearer, indulging in a luxury watch holds both appeal and logic. Bottom line, a designer watch is one of the luxuries that actually make sense.