Movie Poster Cliches (7)
Movie Poster Cliches (7)

10 Most Repeated Movie Poster Cliches

Movie posters are an important part of marketing a film. They are often the first point of contact that audiences have with a movie, and they need to grab attention and convey the essence of the film in just a few seconds. However, over time, certain cliches have emerged in movie poster design, with many films using the same visual motifs over and over again. They look boring, aren’t they? Check out 10 Most Repeated Movie Poster Cliches below.

10 – A Loner Viewed From Behind

Movie Poster Cliches (1)
A Loner Viewed From Behind Posters

Blade,Resident Evil,Walk the Line,Watchmen…

09 – Big Heads over Tiny People on a Beach

Movie Poster Cliches (8)
Big Heads over Tiny People on a Beach theme

Dina, Creation, Walk On Water, City Of Angles, Jude…

08 – Back To Back Movie Poster

Movie Poster Cliches (2)
Back to Back theme

Pretty Woman, Bride Wars, Wild Target, Ice Princess, My Girl…

07 – The Between-the-Legs Shot

Movie Poster Cliches (3)
Between-the-Legs Shot Movie posters

Transporter, Stinger, Pigs, Corporate Affairs….

06 – In Bed

Movie Poster Cliches (4)
In Bed movie posters

Baghead, Irene, A Single Man, Maybe Baby…

05 – Public Bench

Publich Bench themed posters
Public Bench

Forrest Gump, Ghost Town,Due Date, Shallow Hal…

04 – Building a Face Out of Other Objects

Movie Poster Cliches (7)
Building a Face Out of Other Objects

Che, Truman Show, Rambo, Lord Of War …

03 – Reflection In Sunglasses

Sunglasses themed movie posters
Reflection In Sunglasses

Hancock, Leon, Bound, Almost Famous, Straw Dogs …

02 – Blue

Blue themed movie posters
Movie Poster Cliches (6)

Home , Oceans, Himalaya, Avatar, Dune, Flipper….

01 – Big Eye Movie Poster Cliches

Big Eye using for Movie Posters
Big Eye

Requiem For A Dream, The Eye, Hipnoz, Bionic Woman, Avatar …

These 10 movie poster cliches have been repeated time and time again in movie marketing. While they may still be effective at grabbing attention and conveying the themes of the film, they can also feel tired and overused. As audiences become more visually sophisticated, it’s likely that we’ll see new and more innovative approaches to movie poster design emerge in the years to come.