Living rooms with large proportions can be problematic for homeowners who don’t know how to utilise the space. A living room should be inviting and cosy in winter, and light and airy in summer, without feeling expansive and impersonal.

10 – Divide space

Use furniture to divide the living room and create specific sections. The largest seating area should be in a U-shape around a focal point, normally a fireplace, with a large ottoman or coffee table in the centre.

09 – Use large pieces of furniture

Large pieces of furniture look great in expansive living rooms. Choose a 4 seater sofa with a love seat, along with some armchairs to create a cosy sitting area. The sofa should be a block colour, with armchairs in a pattern that can be repeated in the soft furnishings to help tie the scheme together.

08 – Utilise proportions

If the room has high ceilings, it can take tall furniture. Invest in some wingback chairs and oversized bookcases and create a library style wall to display books and ornaments. Choose large ornaments that fill a space, as opposed to lots of little ones that look cluttered.

07 – Invest in lighting

Lower a central pendant light to create a cosier feel. Large living rooms can take grand oversized lighting like chandeliers, and the glass and crystal arms help bounce light off the walls.

06 – Decorate with colour and pattern

Use dark colours to absorb light, or a neutral colour to create the illusion of space, but paint the ceiling down to the picture rail in a darker colour to lower it.

05 – Move furniture off the wall

Moving furniture away from the wall creates a cosy feel and will also help section off areas. The size of the room will dictate how far off the wall you should move the furniture.

04 – Go bold with your design

A living room is traditionally the room where you can play around with styles, and showcase your design flare, and a large living room means you can go bold with your ideas. Use metallics and prints in abundance.

03 – Layer fabrics

Use soft furnishings to add layers and create a cosy feel. Velvet cushions, sheepskin rugs, and wool throws, as well as damask window dressings can be layered together, but choose colours that are a similar tone, or complement the rest of the scheme. If in doubt choose neutral tones.

02 – Repetition

Large spaces can afford to have furniture mirror one another. Think matching armchairs with console tables, or sofas opposite one another with a large ottoman in the middle.

01 – Create a cosy reading nook

A large living room wouldn’t be complete without a quiet and cosy reading nook. Choose an area away from the main thoroughfare. A cosy corner with space for a comfy chair next to a floor-to-ceiling bookcase would be perfect.