10 Most Popular Video Games Sold in 2014

The year 2014 was a banner year for the gaming industry, with numerous popular video games captivating players worldwide. With a diverse range of genres and platforms, these games provided endless hours of entertainment, often at budget-friendly prices through cheap games and online deals. In this article, we’ll take a look at the ten most popular video games sold in 2014, exploring what made these titles stand out and how gamers maximized their enjoyment with game cheats and tips. Join us as we reminisce about the year’s most memorable gaming experiences.

10 – Halo: The Master Chief Collection


There have been a whole series of video games within the Halo franchise, but this sees the compilation of various video games from throughout the series. This is a first-person shooter game, which makes it really engaging to play – this is probably why it has become the tenth best selling video game of the year.

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09 – Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin's Creed Unity
Assassin’s Creed Unity

Video game moguls Ubisoft are behind the ninth best selling video game of the year: Assassin’s Creed Unity. This is the seventh title in the series, which is a third-person action game set in the 18th Century.

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08 – Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4
Far Cry 4

Although it has already been released in numerous countries around the world, Far Cry 4 is only set to be released in Japan next year. As this is the fourth game in the franchise, any players can expect more first-person shooting action, this time in Kyrat – or Nepal, as we know it!

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07 – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Advanced Warfare
Advanced Warfare

Undoubtedly, the Call of Duty series has made a significant impact, boasting over 100 million copies sold and spawning a wide array of spin-off products for the mass market. As a first-person shooter game, this title immerses players in the role of a US Marine, offering them a taste of military life from the comfort of their own homes.

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06 – Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor - Games Sold in 2014
Shadow of Mordor

If you’ve noticed the Lord of the Rings references in the title of the sixth most popular video game of the year, then you’re absolutely right. This story is set between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, so it’s full of fantasy action. This game is brilliant for both video game enthusiasts and role playing fans, as it combines the two in a really captivating way.

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05 – Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs - Games Sold in 2014
Watch Dogs

If you’re a fan of open world video games where revenge is key, then Watch Dogs might just be the game for you; it is the fifth best selling video game of the year so far. There’s a really appealing mix of the familiar and the fantasy because it is set in the city of Chicago, or rather, a fictional version of the city.

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04 – Destiny


Destiny, introduced for the first time earlier this year, has swiftly claimed the title of the most successful new video game launch ever. Its soaring popularity has propelled it to the fourth spot among the best-selling video games of the year. Combining sci-fi with a first-person shooter style, Destiny offers a winning formula for success. However, despite its popularity, some critics argue that the game’s plot could be stronger.

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03 – Minecraft

Minecraft - Games Sold in 2014

Minecraft, first released for PC in 2009, has since seen numerous adaptations for different consoles and platforms, maintaining its immense popularity five years later. Ranking as the third best-selling video game of the year, Minecraft stands out as the most inventive game on our list, enabling players to construct worlds using three-dimensional cubes.

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02 – Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V is an open world action video game. It can be played from either first-person or third-person perspectives. It has become hugely popular – making its way to the second spot on list – but it is also highly controversial. This is due to a lot of the game’s content, which includes torture, violence and derogatory depictions of women.

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01 – FIFA 15

Fifa 15 - Games Sold in 2014
Fifa 15

Unsurprisingly, FIFA 15 holds the title of 2014’s top-selling video game, considering football’s (soccer) global popularity. This engaging simulation game enables players to manage their own world-class football teams, additionally providing countless individuals the opportunity to live out their dreams!


As we reach the end of our journey through the ten most popular video games sold in 2014, it’s clear that this year was a golden era for gamers. From immersive storylines to cutting-edge graphics, these titles offered something for everyone. The availability of cheap games, online deals, and game cheats only added to the excitement, allowing players to enjoy their favorite titles without breaking the bank. We hope you’ve enjoyed this nostalgic trip down memory lane. Hope it has inspired you to revisit some of these iconic games or explore new ones in the ever-evolving gaming landscape.