10 Most Profitable Reasons Why You Should Invest In Cyprus

Cyprus is a marvelous destination for those who wish to invest in a European country. The island nation has an excellent, warm climate and breathtaking scenery with pristine beaches. Travel enthusiasts and holidaymakers alike find Cyprus a great destination, which significantly boosts local business. To establish an investment fund in the country, you have a choice of various methods, one of them being Cyprus Investment Funds.
The following are some of the great reasons why you should consider investing in Cyprus:

10 – Strategic location

The country’s strategic location – the crossroad of three continents – has been instrumental in shaping its history. Also, such history has ensured it’s development as a major outpost in the Eastern Mediterranean enabled the establishment of partnerships that served and still serve as a launching pad for investment from Africa, Europe and Asia. It provides an excellent gateway for businesses that wish to venture into new markets. Cyprus has also emerged as a critical trading partner for the EU, serving as an exchange center for the three continents. Furthermore, being an island, it is favored regionally as a transshipment center, enabling Cypriot companies to operate autonomously. Other international trading companies are also able to ship goods into and out of the EU through Cyprus.

09 – Friendly taxation

Cyprus benefits from several double taxation treaties, and will be soon entering into more. The country has a favorable agreement with Russia. The island state also has a very friendly corporate tax rate of 10%, which is the lowest among all European Union states. Dividend income and profits from the sale of shares are also exempt from tax, thereby allowing investment-holding companies to enjoy more tax holidays. Non-Cypriot beneficiaries do not have tax withheld from their dividend income, royalty and interest payments. Profits from overseas investments are tax-exempt. Cyprus also prides itself in being one of the prime global shipping centers in terms of registration fees and taxation.

08 – Friendly living and working conditions

The country offers a very friendly environment with a comfortable standard of living. With great cuisine, arts, culture and some of the finest wines, Cyprus offers high living standards. The weather is pleasant all year round, allowing sports enthusiasts to play golf, tennis and more during all seasons . The crime rate is low, meaning the country feels safe and secure , making both life and business easy and enjoyable.

07 – Reliable and competent workforce

The country boasts a population with a highly qualified, talented and professional workforce that is, for the most part, fluent in several international languages. The workforce is also readily available to serve international businesses. The country is committed to education and is encouraging reforms that will help realize sustainable growth.

06 – Booming local economy

The country has a contemporary, free-market economy that is service based with a long record of solid performance. This provides a viable environment for businesses.

05 – Efficient banking and service sectors

The professional service and banking sectors in Cyprus are well-established. As such, they can offer the necessary support to businesses. Both local and international firms benefit from the services of the well-trained and experienced professionals in both financial and legal matters. The banking sector provides services to individuals as well as corporations, thereby facilitating business.

04 – Excellent communication network and infrastructure

The island state has two international airports, an ultramodern road network and well-equipped, multipurpose port facilities that have catapulted Cyprus into its current role as a commercial hub in the region. The country also enjoys a connection to some of the most sophisticated technology; submarine telecommunication cables provide first-class connectivity to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This connectivity has made the island a regional telecommunications hub.

03 – European Union membership

Cyprus is a full European Union member and has fully adopted the Euro as its official currency. This opens up the entire European Union market for the country’s businesses, and comes with significant benefits.

02 – Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) ranking

Cyprus has deliberately undertaken efforts to attract foreign direct investment, which has seen it become one of the top locations for such business ventures . It ranks among the global leaders for high FDI performance and potential.

01 – Well-established legal and regulatory framework

Cyprus has an all-inclusive legal structure in place that has its foundations in English common law. This structure favors business because it fosters transparency and efficiency in all areas . The system provides foreign firms with conditions and an environment that is understandable within the areas in which they can operate. Some legislation that has wide applications in foreign investments include banking law, trustee law, insurance services law and many more.