10 Most Practical Fashion Tips For Plus Sized Women

One of the most important plus size fashion tip is to choose clothes according to your exact dimension. You should never take fashion inspiration from a skinny model. At the same time, there is no reason why fuller-figured women should hide behind baggy, boring clothes. Today, more clothing companies are creating beautiful designs for plus sized women. For example, Navabi is one of the most popular online shop for larger women. Anyways, here are 10 Practical Fashion Tips For Plus Sized Women. Feel free to comment and add yours.

10 – Not Too Tight!

Tight clothing on a plus sized body will exaggerate your weight. Better, get clothing that will fit you and forget about the size tag. Even if it means you need to start wearing plus size women’s clothing.

09 – Not Too Baggy Either!

Most larger women choose oversize clothing. The idea here is hiding their body. But the truth is they are only drawing more attention to their body. Your clothes must skim your body, no matter what your size or shape.

08 – Choose Dark Colors on the Heavy Bits

Color is a amazing tool to camouflage weight. Dark colors recede and light colors advance if you wear dark colors on your heavy parts those parts will look smaller.

07 – Avoid Too Much Detail

If you have a rich back that you are trying to downplay, you should not buy jeans with studs, embroidery or anything else jazzing up the rear pockets. At the same time, if your upper arms are beefy, a short sleeved top with sleeves that end at the thickest part of your arm is going to make them look heavier.

06 – Keep Your Accessories in Scale

Just try to imagine a very heavy set woman with a small purse. It will just make her look bigger. If you are a plus sized woman, you need to have heavier accessories.

05 – Fabrics?

When it comes to fabrics choice, better don’t go for fussy fabrics, and prints. Frills and fussy fabrics don’t make you look good instead they give you a childish look, its better to wear clean cuts and classic design that can make you have classic, chic and elegant appearance being plus size fashion.

04 – Don’t Miss to Buy When You Find The Right One!

When you come across a clothing that looks good on you, buy and stick with it! If you bought a gorgeous dress that is perfect for your full figure then buy more than one, but in other colors. The same goes for skirts, pants and blouses.

03 – Longer Tops

Wear tops that are longer. If you have a belly that you don’t want to show off, just cover it up! A longer top also elongates your torso and makes you look slimmer.

02 – High or Low Waists

You can both take advantage of high and low waists. With wearing a high-waisted dress with a slimmer waistline, you will accentuate your curves better. You can even use a belt. On the other side, if you’re wearing pants, a lower waist could be a better choice. Wearing pants which will sit low on your hips would help to hide your belly.

01 – V-Neck Tops Would Help Too!

V-neck tops are looking especially wonderful on plus sized women. If you like comfortable with it, you can wear a slightly deeper neck too.