10 Most Recent and Trendiest Medium Length Hairstyles for Women

When it comes to versatility, medium length hairstyles are the most versatile hairdos for ladies. Well, perhaps you are asking why, but the answer is obvious. Medium hair can be anything, and that implies that you can wear it in different ways. So, this takes us to the next aspect.
To rock medium length hair, you should be ready to experiment with different lengths of medium length hair. Are you willing to experiment? Well, this is the right time to try some of our medium length styles. According to LoveHairStyles, here are some medium length hairstyles to try this year. Take a look.

10 – The Messy Look

Messy hairstyles of medium length can sometimes be great. To create the modern style of your Messy hairstyle and wavy layers just below the chin line. In addition, you can also bind hair from the top in a half-tail or full tail.

09 – Straight Feathered Brown Bob

This is one of the trendiest medium length hairstyles this year. If you are looking for something lighter, then brown bob with top layers is the answer.

08 – Mid-Blonde Hairdo And V-Cut Layers

Are you looking for something that is somehow smoother compared to your current hairstyle? This is where your journey ends. When matched with the v-cut layers and shaded in blonde hue, this bob appears great, and it is unbelievably low maintenance.

Hair Style 2

07 – Messy Lob For Women

Medium length hairstyles for women stand out from the other hairstyles, thanks to their volume. If you don’t want to rock the traditional bob, then the long bob would be the best pick for you. Besides, this medium length haircut allows you to go short whenever you want. The messy waves are easily achieved by the use of curling iron and hot hair rollers. The best thing is that once you have achieved the messy waves, they stay intact for the entire day.

06 – Even Medium Haircut And Feathered Layers

This is an excellent idea of medium length hairstyles for ladies who are looking for low maintenance, but yet chic and sophisticated hairstyles. In this hairstyle, feathered layers are styled around the head to enhance texture and movement for your straight locks. Reaching just below your shoulders, the even long bob can be parted at the centre or on the side to create a unique look.

05 – Shaggy Long Bob An Disconnected Tips

Are you new to the world of medium length hairstyles? Well, you don’t have to worry about where to start. To be sure of the hairstyle you want to rock, start with a long bob. This one gives you enough versatility; you need to experiment in different looks and styles. Apart from being easy to style, the hairstyle is ridiculously low maintenance as it is a typical bob. To enhance the texture and volume, choose disconnected tips for your style.

04 – Centre-Parted Bob

It is big and new. With medium length hairstyles, it becomes much easier to create a centre part on your tresses. This is the best way to rock a bob if you don’t want it to look dull and flat. To start, create messy hair and add uneven waves throughout the hair and leave them looking undone. Top off your medium length haircut with cool and fresh blonde shade to enhance the vibe of your haircut.

Hair Style 3

03 – Extended Disconnected Bob Hairstyle

There were times when bobs used to be prim and proper. However, those days are now long gone. Nowadays, experts have come up with a new way of styling bobs where they add choppy layers and dye them. And to make these medium length hairstyles even more unique, they include highlights and shade them in different colours to create contrast. Try this bob with choppy layers to rock a hairstyle with ultimate A-lister look.

02 – Bobbed Haircut With Cute Highlights

This hairstyle represents a medium length bob thanks to the layers added. It looks like a shag, except that it looks soft and smooth, and shaggy and tousled. Basically, these medium length hairstyles include one layer on layers that are included at the bottom.

01 – Wispy Medium Length Hairstyle.

For many ladies rockin down dos is not something they would want to since, in most cases, hair appears flat and dull. If this is something you can resonate with, an extended medium length haircut that can be rocked straight is the best one for you. Trim wispy layers to enhance hair texture, but ensure that there are some short layers styled around the crown.

Source: LoveHairStyles