10 Most Purrfect Cat Vacation Destinations

As a devoted cat owner, you understand the importance of ensuring your feline friend enjoys the same level of relaxation and indulgence as you do during a well-deserved vacation. But how do you find destinations that truly cater to the unique needs of your furry companion? Fear not, fellow cat lovers! We have curated a list of the top 10 most purrfect cat vacation destinations that not only provide exceptional cat-friendly accommodations, but also boast a variety of activities, dining experiences, and attractions designed with your kitty’s happiness in mind. From luxurious cat hotels to mouth-watering gourmet cat food, these amazing spots promise to make your next getaway a memorable experience for both you and your feline friend.

10 – Poezenboot, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cat Vacation Destinations
Photo credit: pixie_bebe

Take a trip to The Netherlands and visit the floating cat boat, or boat for cats, that floats on the Herengracht canal in Amsterdam. The Poezenboot was originally a shelter for stray cats, but has since morphed into a tourist attraction.

Photo credit: Nina J. G.

The cat crew on the Poezenboot snooze on their bunk beds. It’s a very homey place for cats who are social networkers and make friends quickly.

Photo credit: Nina J. G.

Note that the Poezenboot also offers solitary confinement for the anti-social cat who will scratch your eyes out if you get anywhere near him.

09 – Hello Kitty Theme Park, Tokyo

Cat Vacation Destinations
Photo credit: pinguino

Tokyo is one of the most cat-friendly cities in the world, filled with cat lovers everywhere. There’s a lot more for cat lovers to do in Tokyo, including Disneyland and the cat cafes you’ll see further below. But the most popular cat-themed attraction in this cat-crazy city is the Hello Kitty Theme Park.

Hello Kitty Theme Park, known here as Sanrio Puroland, allows visitors to take cat-themed rides, see cat musicals, and yes – another boat ride.

08 – Disneyland

Photo credit: Cea.

We’re talking both Disneyland Anaheim as well as Disneyland Tokyo. There are plenty of cartoon cats to keep you interested in both parks, but the real cartoons (figuratively speaking) are the pet and feral cats that live in the Disneyland parks.

07 – Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, Rome

Rome was not built in a day, and so the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary in Rome has long worked to give a safe and comfortable home for abandoned cats in the Italian capital.

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Photo credit: [email protected]

Their hard work has been rewarded handsomely, because the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is now a well-known tourist attraction. You can even sign up to be a volunteer and feed the hundreds of cats and clean up their cushy pads.

06 – Birmingham, UK

Photo credit: Geoff Pugh

You’ll need to time your visit to Birmingham to coincide with the Supreme Cat Show. If you’re there in time, your own cats will go green with envy or hang their heads in shame, because the cats you’ll get to see at the show are truly magnificent creatures.

05 – Kuching Cat Museum, Malaysia

Photo credit: Rolling Okie

Kuching is a place in Sarawak, Malaysia. Kuching means “cat” in Malay, so when you say Kuching Cat Museum, you’re actually saying Cat Cat Museum. They love cats so much, they named it twice, you think?

The museum is up on a hill, with a lovely view outside and some great artifacts for cat lovers inside, including a 1000-year old mummy of an Egyptian cat.

04 – Moscow Cats Theatre

Cat Vacation Destinations
Photo credit: woofiegrrl

One wouldn’t associate cold and frigid Moscow with cool cats, but it’s true if you manage to catch a show at the Moscow Cats Theatre.

Again, these performing cats pulling off amazing tricks and acrobatic feats will put your own pets to shame, and make you want to take back with you a dozen or so of the 100+ cats they have.

03 – Key West, Florida

Photo credit: James Willamor

Key West is perhaps the best U.S. destination for cat lovers. Apart from the fact that it’s a lovely place for a beach holiday, you might also want to pencil in some time to visit Ernest Hemingway’s home and museum. The place is full of special polydactyl (six-toed) cats who are descendants of Hemingway’s Maine Coon named Snowball.

If you happen to be in Key West, you might also want to spend the evening watching Dominique LeFort lead his gang of performing cats at the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square Dock.

02 – Festival of the Cats, Ypres, Belgium

Photo credit: RDVRS

What’s cat vacation without a giant Garfield looking to eat all the lasagna in the world? If you want to see this, you need t be in Ypres, Belgium for the Festival of the Cats.

The floats and the parade and festivities with toy cats being thrown into the crowd are fun enough, but the festival takes place only once in three years.

01 – Cat Cafes, Tokyo

Cat Vacation Destinations
Photo credit: MsSaraKelly
Photo credit: Ari Helminen

As noted above, Tokyo is the cat’s meow when it comes to life and fun with and for cats. You can go to Disneyland and The Hello Kitty Theme Park, but as far as your furry feline friends are concerned, the only catnip they want in Tokyo is a cat café.

You can hang out at these cat cafes, nursing a beverage and fraternizing with the resident cats who may sometimes deign to respond if they like you or get bored of snoozing and hanging around in their favorite perches.

As we wrap up our exploration of the 10 most purrfect cat vacation destinations, it’s clear that these dreamy spots go above and beyond to accommodate the needs and desires of both you and your feline companion. With a wide variety of cat-friendly hotels, activities, and dining experiences tailored to pet owners, these destinations are truly the cat’s meow. So, pack your bags (and your kitty’s too), and embark on a pawsome getaway that will leave you both purring with delight. Remember, the key to a successful cat vacation lies in choosing the right destination and ensuring your beloved feline feels comfortable and cared for throughout the journey. Happy travels!


What should I consider when choosing a vacation destination for my cat?
A: Look for pet-friendly accommodations, attractions, and activities, as well as easy access to pet stores and veterinarians in case of emergency.

How can I ensure my cat is comfortable during our vacation?
A: Bring familiar items such as toys, blankets, and beds to create a sense of familiarity, and maintain their regular feeding and sleeping schedule as much as possible.

What are some tips for traveling with my cat?
A: Make sure your cat is accustomed to their carrier, pack a travel kit with essential supplies, and provide them with proper identification and up-to-date vaccinations.

Are there any cat-specific attractions at these destinations?
A: Some destinations may have cat-specific attractions, such as cat cafes, cat-themed parks, or cat-friendly beaches. Be sure to research each location to find the best fit for your feline friend.

What should I pack for my cat’s vacation?
A: Bring your cat’s favorite food, treats, toys, bedding, and any necessary medications. Also, pack a portable litter box, litter, and waste bags for easy clean-up.