10 Most Useful Toys For Husky Dogs

Few dog breeds have such an indistinguishable look as the husky. Those stunning pastel coats, blue eyes, and the supple, but sturdy body structures are the evolutionary results of a time when they haven’t made the transition to households pets.
If you are lucky enough to own a Siberian husky, you probably already know how much stimulation they need. Their unique exterior is a well-suited match for their special, intelligent and extroverted personalities. But sadly, their charisma and friendly nature will come back to bite you (no pun intended), once playing time is approaching.
Like in the case of all breeds, owners should strive to match their dog’s personality with the appropriate recreational activities. One great way of accomplishing this is by getting the right toys. Since there are a lot of options out there, we have gathered a handful of toys that your beloved Husky will love. If you want to see what other options are out there in terms of dog toys, make sure to check out ToyPetReviews, where you will find tons of reviews and well-written articles. Here are the ten best toys for husky dogs.

Husky Temperament

Despite their stoic and serious aspect, husky dogs are generally happy-go-lucky dogs that become easily attached to their families and owners. They are fun, highly energetic, very playful and quite laid back. Even though owners should do their do their due diligence and send them to training, huskies are very independent minded.
Due to the fact that huskies are naturally wired to run tens of miles through deep snow on a daily basis, you will need a home with a reasonably sized yard. If you do not have a yard, you will need to take your husky out on daily walks or schedule frequent exercising sessions, otherwise it might become depressed and bored, and act out by destroying its surroundings. Training, as well as playing, are two great methods that owners can apply to manage and control the husky’s exuberance and over-enthusiasm. In addition, socializing the dog from an early age with other pets and humans is a great way of preventing housebreaking.
These are only a handful of things that all current and potential husky owners should know. Now that we have covered the husky’s temperament let us talk about what toys are appropriate for this breed.

10 – Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Kong is undoubtedly the king of canine toys, and no serious dog owners will disagree with this statement. While these hard rubber playing instruments are appreciated by all breeds, they are especially recommended to huskies, pit bulls, and other breeds that are characterized by an incessant instinctual drive to chew. It features a strong, very durable exterior, an unpredictable bounce that will send your dog chasing it, and a container that can be filled with your pet’s favorite treats.

09 – Our Pets Smarter Interactive IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

In addition to frequent physical activity, your husky will require a good mental and intellectual boost from now and then. Enter this toy from Our Pets, an interactive puzzle that, similar to the Kong Extreme, comes with a container that can be filled up with food. Your husky will get a real kick out of figuring out how to get the maximum amount of treats in a timely fashion. If your dog gets bored with it, you can easily increase the difficulty level of the toy.

08 – Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug

When your husky does not feel like doing much, you can initiate a productive and fun session of tug of war. The toy itself is made out of high-quality cotton blend fiber. It will work its way through the husky’s teeth as it plays, eliminating particles of food and improving its oral health. It is also a great toy for bonding because the husky will learn how to react to your movements.

07 – West Paw Design Zogoflex Bumi Tug-O-War

Another great tug of war option is this durable toy from West Paw. Apart from its capability to withstand repeated abuses, it can also be stretched to almost double its length. It is safe to use, fun, and non-toxic FDA approved.

06 – StarMark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

This is another treat dispensing chewing toy, similar to the one we have presented in the first entry. It is ideal for active, highly-energetic huskies who love a good old fashion ball game. It is safe, durable, very easy to wash, and will provide your dog with enough mental and physical stimulation to last him the day.

05 – Jolly Pets Teaser Ball

Initially designed for horses, many dog owners saw the potential in Jolly Pet’s line of products and started using them for their pooches. And right they were – this teaser ball is especially effective for hyperactive pups who love to chew. The ball within a ball design will mentally stimulate your husky, and its unpredictable roll will keep him engaged.

04 – Trixie Dog Activity Chess

If you want a toy that will reward your husky for his smarts and good behavior, consider getting this interactive playing instrument from Trixie. This toy allows dog owners to sneak treats beneath the moveable pieces, and your dog will get a kick out of trying to remove them. It has four adjustable skill levels, and at just $17, this toy is surely a steal.

03 – Outward Hound Star Spinner Interactive Dog Toy

The Outward Hound Star spinner is another great interactive toy that your husky will enjoy. While it is a bit simpler than other toys of this type, it has more space for treats, and three stories of rotating stars that your dog will have to spin in order to get the treats. This one too comes with adjustable difficulty levels, so you can be sure that your dog will never get bored with it.

02 – Bonebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

This is not your regular, run of the mill chew toy. It is an extremely durable, bacon-flavored chewing instrument that your husky will love to chew and chase. And since it is made out of a super strong nylon, you do not have to worry about your dog destroying it after a few uses.

01 – Kong Classic Dog Toy

Concluding our list is the famous Kong Classic Dog Toy. While the toy highlighted in the first entry is aimed at power chewers, this one is designed for dogs who love to chew, but not in a way that it might become destructive if left uncontrolled. It is very cheap, available in a wide variety of sizes, and it comes with a container meant to be filled with treats.

Huskies are friendly, highly energetic dogs who love to play and stay active. If you are lucky enough to own one and want to give him the best toys possible, make sure to read through our list and you will surely find something that you will like.