10 Most Adorable Pets To Own

There is no doubt that most humans love animals. There is just something so wonderful and cute about them that makes us fall in love. Of course, the wild animals found in places like the Serengeti are best viewed from a distance. No-one is going to think keeping a Lion as a pet is either safe or ethical. However, there are many animals that make great pets and that we all love to keep in our homes. From the laughs they give to the companionship they bring, owning your own cute pet can really make your life better.
If you are looking for some ideas on the cutest pets to own then the below should help. They are without doubt the ten most cuddly and cute animals to bring into your home. Check out 10 most adorable pets to own below.

10 – Hedgehog

Hedgehog - Adorable Pets
Hedgehog – © Michael Gäbler / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons

We all know the standard cute pets to look after but you can go outside of the box a little too. A hedgehog is a great example of this and is perfectly able to be kept happily as a pet. All you really need is a large cardboard box with air holes in and you are good to go. The great thing about this pet is that you can let them out during the day for walks as they are too slow to run off. Don’t worry about the spines – these only come out in defence when feeling threatened. If you treat your hedgehog with affection, they will never use them.

09 – Tortoise

Tortoise – Yuriy75 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Another exotic pet that is becoming a cute and popular pet is the tortoise. While not overly cuddly, there is certainly something about them that is adorable. As with hedgehogs, they can be kept in a large cardboard box with air holes in and plenty of food as well as water. They usually like to munch on leaves like lettuce which makes them pretty cheap to care for. Even better, these pets will live for a long time, so you do not have to worry about the trauma of them dying for a while.

08 – Budgie

Budgie – Amos T Fairchild [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
There are a few birds you can keep as pets at home that are cute but the Budgie is perhaps the best choice. These are gentle in nature and actually very sociable – their litany of chirps and trills is the perfect way to keep from getting lonely when home by yourself. Although they do require some looking after and a regular spruce up of the cage they live in, they are not much work to care for. Some can even be trained to talk or fly onto you shoulder when out of their cage.

07 – Hamster

Hamster - Adorable Pets
Hamster – digital_image_fan from Canada [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
This is a very popular pet that many people have at home. It is especially great for kids as hamsters are gentle in nature and like to be handled. They are perfect little bundles of fluff and look very cute when eating or scratching around in their cage. They are pretty quick though so it is best to let them out into a proper run where they will not escape. You can get hamsters in a wide range of colours and breeds also which is great for having plenty of choice when buying them.

06 – Chinchilla

Chinchilla – Darekp at pl.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
One of the newer pets that people are starting to keep is the Chinchilla. Originally from South America, they have very soft fur which is amazing to cuddle and pet. Chinchilla’s are ideal kids pets as they like being handled and are very sweet natured. They do have quite delicate ribs though so be careful not to grab them too tightly! They can also run quick and jump high – be prepared for this, so they do not escape when out of their cage. These pets are very sociable though and will love playing with you and getting petted.

05 – Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig - Adorable Pets
Guinea Pig

Although it is a member of the Rodent family, this should not put you off from having a Guinea Pig as a pet. These adorable little bundles of fluff are actually very funny to watch run around and play with. Their super soft fur also makes them relaxing to stroke and great for kids to have as their first home pet. With ultra cute faces and eyes, they are pretty easy to care for too and do not need walking like a dog.

04 – Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox
Fennec Fox – yvonne n from willowick, usa [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
This may not be a pet you have heard of before and it does sound a little strange. After all, who would have thought you could keep a fox as a pet?! Fennec Foxes however are different to wild Foxes and very suitable to keep in your home. They are like a mixture between a cat and a dog in terms of personality – this makes them very playful and cuddly with soft fur to pet. This is not only a cute pet to own but one that will be unique among your friends.

03 – Rabbit

Rabbit – JJ Harrison (https://www.jjharrison.com.au/) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Of course, one of the cutest and most popular pets to own is a rabbit. These small mammals come in a wide variety of colours and breeds. Easy to look after, they usually live outside in a hutch to minimize the mess made in your house. They also do not cost a lot to care for with water, hay and rabbit food as the major things to cover. In terms of cuteness, they are right up there with their twinkly eyes and soft fur to stroke.

02 – Cat

Cat – Keith Kissel [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Just coming up short in second place, we have the common domestic cat. As with a lot of the animals on our list, the great thing is that they come in a variety of breeds so you can choose the one you like best. Cats are a bit more aloof and independent than dogs, but they do like to be cuddled still when around. They have soft fur and can be very loving and affectionate pets. Just watch out for those claws!

01 – Dog

Dog - Adorable Pets
Dog – Abuk SABUK [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Top of the list has to be the perennial favourite pet for many, a dog. These are brilliant pets for a whole host of reasons. Not only are most breeds great with kids but they are warm, affectionate and cuddly animals. All dogs will love spending hours getting stroked and tickled on their tummy! Dogs are also great companions and really make the house a home with their infectious personalities. Although they will require daily walks and can create mess, there is no doubt that they are the cutest and cuddliest pets for many.
If you are thinking of buying a pet for your home, then any of the above would be a cute and cuddly addition to the family. It really does come down to a matter of personal taste and which you and your family find the most adorable personally. Whichever you choose though is sure to give endless hours of fun and laughter.