10 Most Fabulous Health Benefits of Bananas

Surely one of the most popular fruits around the world today is bananas. Their distinctive shape, attractive colour and sweet taste makes them a fruit many of us go for regularly. As the need to include more fruit in our diet becomes ever more crucial, finding something that tastes as good as bananas do is an easy way to go about it.
We all know that fruit provides loads of health benefits and is good for us which is why we should all eat more. But what exactly do bananas deliver when you munch through one? Here are the ten most fabulous ways that the yellow fruit with the curvy looks can help.

10 – Great for giving you energy

Energy is key to us living a full and enjoyable life. Without enough energy to call on, we will feel lethargic and not be able to complete the daily activities we need to in our lives. Lack of energy can also make you feel sleepy and see you miss out on fun physical activities with family or friends. It can even have a mental effect and leave you feeling grumpy or zoned out. Bananas are a great energy provider due to the natural sugars inside and will also help to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Many chomp on a banana pre-gym workout for example to have the energy needed to get through it.

09 – Looks After Your Mental Health

One of the many superb compounds found inside bananas is called Tryptophan. This special ingredient helps to make you feel happier when you take it into your body by boosting your serotonin levels. The tryptophan is actually converted into serotonin inside your body when you eat bananas and then makes you feel much happier and relaxed. For any who can be prone to feelings of depression or anxiety, it is a great reason to eat more of this fruit.


08 – Great For Insect Bites

You can use banana and the peel it comes in for a multitude of health treatments. One of the oldest and most common is using the peel to treat insect stings or bites. The peel will almost immediately begin to ease the itching thanks to the natural pain killing ingredients contained in it. It will also help to relieve any swelling or irritation that insect bites can also bring. Just rub the peel gently on the affected area and you are good to go.

07 – Can Help You To Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your health so anything that can help you to quit is handy. Bananas deliver here and this makes them great for your health by enabling you to give up the cigarettes. But why is this? Bananas have high levels of potassium and B vitamins which can help you fight the cravings felt when trying to quit smoking. By making this easier, you are far more likely to stick with the plan to stop and by healthier overall.

06 – Great For Digestion

Bananas are rich in a natural compound called pectin. This is good news for your health as it helps you to digest food better and keeps your gut health in check. It does not stop there though! Pectin can help your body to chelate toxins and heavy metals from your body too. By helping you to expel these dangerous toxins, bananas make you much healthier.

05 – Fight Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure can be very dangerous for your health and lead to more serious incidents like strokes or heart attacks. As this fruit is high in potassium it is very good at helping to stop your blood pressure getting too low. Bananas are also low in salt which can help to regulate your blood pressure and stop it falling to dangerous levels. So, if you think that your blood pressure is too low, making bananas a key part of your diet may be the solution.


04 – Superb For Your Nervous System

The bodies nervous system is a central part of how it operates and how it stays healthy. A nervous system that is not working as it should could lead to a whole host of conditions or problems. Bananas are one of the best foods around to eat which help to keep your bodies nervous system in top shape. The key is the high levels of Vitamin B6 found in the fruit that helps to feed and restore this key system in the human body.

03 – Can Keep Anemia At Bay

A lot of people across the globe can suffer with a blood disorder known as anemia. In simple terms, this sees a lack of iron in the blood which can leave you feeling dizzy and light headed. Iron is found in high amounts within bananas and makes this fruit ideal to help fight anemia. By helping to get the required amount of Iron into your blood, eating bananas can really help you to feel a lot better than you might do normally.

02 – Effective Protection From Free Radicals

More and more is heard about free radicals now and how bad they are for our health. For those who do not know, free radicals are harmful by-products of oxygen metabolism in the human body. These dangerous little critters can damage living cells and even lead to cancer. Any vitamin or mineral that helps to prevent free radicals forming or doing damage is known as an antioxidant. Bananas are full of these powerful antioxidants and so can really help you avoid the damage done by free radicals.

01 – Can Boost Alertness

There are many situations in life where being mentally alert is valuable. Maybe it is a high-level meeting, a major presentation for work or an important exam. If you ever feel a bit lacklustre mentally and need something to help, then eat a banana. The high potassium levels in this fruit will make you feel more alert and ready to face the challenge you have coming up

As you can see, tasting great is not the only reason to eat bananas regularly. There are many, many health benefits you can take onboard when making them part of your diet. The best thing is that there is almost no effort required! You simply unpeel it and eat it! This, and the fabulous way it tastes, makes it a real no-brainer when you are thinking of the best fruits to include in your life.