10 Most Creative Packaging Design

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  • http://sizzlingmagazine.com Kiefer

    cool designs

  • http://smokingdesigners.com Graphic Design

    Whoaaa, this is very creative..:)

  • AA

    Very creative ideas, I wonder if these packagings are friendly to the environment as they are to the eye?

  • Julianne Bueno

    Love these designs.

  • Free India

    really cool ideas

  • Vedette

    These are amazing! They should already make these!

  • jasonestevens

    Very creative ideas, packaging sells products!

    • funtimes

      And that’s all that matters isn’t it?

  • patanderson2011

    Love the tea box! I was really amazed!

    • http://gvsparx.blogspot.com/ GvSparx

      Especially the way it hangs onto the egde of the cup

  • http://twitter.com/artplatter Ramya

    Superb!!! the fruits are awesome!

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  • http://www.authenticbjj.com/ Authentic BJJ

    These are adorable! The coffin cigarette box is ingenious. 

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  • DiKotaKita

    fantastic ideas!

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  • http://www.dentistry4children.net/ Orthodontist Chicago

    Fantastic. I feel like some of these are not practical/environmentally friendly however.

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  • saintyman

    fun & nice, but bet they are not cost efficient nor will they fit on shelves

  • http://www.facebook.com/AMW92 Andrew Wright

    Loved the evian bottle

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  • B Bakeca

    Great ideas! Love them all!!

  • http://www.brightboldbeautiful.com/ Laura Trevey

    The hanger tea box is brilliant

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  • rajesh mani

    its really great!! creative

  • shyma

    i like Coffin Smoke Box xP

  • http://www.facebook.com/lesley.essery Lesley Essery

    Creative ideas but I wonder what kind of markup these items attract with the fancy packaging?

  • http://www.facebook.com/harryxaxa Imran Adzman

    That coffin box cigarette is amazing.

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  • http://ellenensher.com/ Be a Mentor

    I love these packaging options. The juice boxes are really cute.

  • http://twitter.com/Brimshack northierthanthou.com


  • http://twitter.com/findsalestalent findsalestalent

    Great packaging – really creative. I think these would be awesome for promotional creatives as opposed to everyday packaging

  • dmacb

    All of them are quite nice, except the milk carton which looks ridiculously useless.

  • lannabanana

    i feel like the milk carton would be a little bit flimsy, if its still made out of the same cardboard as regular milk cartons. once it gets full its gunna get all bendy and maybe it would even break idk?

  • http://entertainmentbuzzz.com/ Jia

    creative work.Keep sharing

  • http://www.dezinevalley.com/ shah khatri

    These are pretty awesome & unique & perfectly executed designs!

  • thetotobox

    All are very inspiring,but I wouldn’t agree that they are the most creative :)

  • http://www.octopus-creative.co.uk/ Octopus Creative Design

    That milk carton packaging design can only be good for 2 bowls of cereal. I assume it’s a concept, it wouldn’t sit upright with that space between the L and K!

  • Nitin R Bodke

    Cigarette pack should be made mandatory

  • http://www.socialetic.com/ SOCIALetic.com

    Great! creative ideas for creative packaging!


    Very creative! Great share.

  • interplaycouture

    Very creative. Expensive packaging, expensive products.